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Thermal conductive silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Thermal conductive silicone rubber          Thermally conductive silicone rubber was focused heat conduction properties of a class of rubber composite, thermal conductivity enhancement is usually accompanied by heat dissipation performance optimization. Heat dissipation of electronic products is extremely important, statistics, electronic components temperature increased 2 degrees, its reliability by 10%; 50 degrees when the life of only 25 degrees 1/6. Conductive rubber is widely used in aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical field in need of heat dissipation and heat transfer area.

          Along with the industrial production and the progress of science and technology, its performance has put forward higher requirements, hope it can for the electronic components to provide a safe and reliable route of heat dissipation, and can play the role of insulation, shock absorption. Conductive rubber is based on silicone rubber matrix, used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic components parts in contact. The aviation, aerospace electronic equipment miniaturization, intensive and improve its accuracy and life plays a key role.

 A thermally conductive and electrically insulating silicone rubber composite material preparation method.

( 1) the flaky alumina with polyethylene glycol alcohol solution and mixed evenly, made of alumina slurry or alumina powder;
( 2) the high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, aluminum oxide ( alumina powder or paste ), hydroxyl silicone oil and a vulcanizing agent according to proportion, uniformly mixed;
( 3) corresponding to the vulcanization temperature, using a molding vulcanization molding, according to the needs of the corresponding shape of the product;
( 4) a vulcanization molding samples after the blast drying box for two vulcanization, vulcanization system according to the actual situation to determine the specific. The flaky alumina slurry with high temperature silicone rubber mixing, can make the flaky alumina more uniform in the silicone rubber matrix spread, thereby forming an effective heat-conducting channels, improve the thermal conductivity of composite material. To the low price of polyethylene glycol is used as surface activity agent, not only can enhance the alumina and silicone rubber matrix compatibility, but also can effectively reduce the cost.

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