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Functional silica gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

          Function of all kinds of silicone silicone is main use complex. Temperature vulcanization silicone sealant has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, moisture resistance and electrical insulation, and is convenient to use, in electronics, construction, transportation, machinery and chemical industry more and more extensive application. Mainly introduces the reinforcement type, fire-retardant, waterproof, oil resistant, water dispersion type, heat resistance, electrical special type and so on many functional silicone sealants and domestic research and development progress.

Functional silicone sealant or classification is as follows:

Not strong:  adhesive tensile strength increases with the increase of dosage of calcium carbonate, its mechanical properties increased linearly, dry time shorten, when calcium carbonate is increased to a certain extent, to improve product performance is not significant, and not easy to disperse evenly.Oil filled dealcoholizing silicone sealant; primarily, with the amount increasing, the bonding strength decreased gradually, the biggest strength elongation increased, modulus decrease, displacement ability is helpful for joint seal.Waterproof high viscosity type; this type of plastic than mechanical fasteners are more flexible, can absorb a large amount of the thermal expansion and mechanical stress generated pressure, almost instantaneously can form great viscosity, thereby solving the production due to the inconvenience for sealant curing. In addition, the silicone sealant with metal, wood, painted surfaces, glass and plastic vessel assembly commonly used material to achieve good bonding.Low modulus type; the rubber room temperature vulcanizing, easy cleaning, extrusion resistance, weatherability, good bonding, solvent free migration, friendly to the environment, with low modulus and high elongation, its performance is close to similar foreign products, applied in the construction joints, concrete road surface expansion joint seal.Insulating ketoxime type; the silicone adhesive has good resistance to aging, weathering resistance, insulation resistance, high adhesive strength, curing shrinkage of small, for a short time, used in electrical appliances can be realized the light insulation features such as.Electronic potting flowing type; the RTV electronic pouring sealant with non-toxic environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, strong capability of resisting caulking, dielectric withstand voltage, good sealing characteristics, but also has excellent electrical performance, film has good elasticity, solvent free, no smell, environmental safety. Photoelectric element can be coated on the insulation, corrosion resistance.

         Heat resistant and flame retardant; when 100 copies of 107 silicone rubber added with 10 portions of ferric oxide, the produced silicon rubber by 260 ℃x24h after heat aging of the tensile strength, elongation, tear hardness change rates are less than l0%, the product has good heat resistance. Magnesium hydroxide and ten polybrominated biphenyl ether composition of compound flame retardant, improve the flame retardant silicone rubber, the silicone rubber flame retardant to FV level 0.High temperature resistant; one contains a special blend of single-component non-sagging silicone sealant, continuous exposure at 260 degrees C ( or intermittent exposure at 315 degrees C) extreme high temperature environment can still maintain good comprehensive performance. Can be used for aircraft washer, mobile belt, industrial oven, oven chimney bag type filtering and other key parts (which required components at high temperature can still work normally important part ) bonding, sealing, pottery, encapsulation and protection.

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