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Crystal Silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

           Crystal Dijiao is a two-component liquid silicone. With low viscosity, high transparency, yellowing resistance, bending resistance and other characteristics of good.

Crystal Dijiao is divided into the following categories:

1 soft crystal glue: it is a two-component liquid, with a high degree of transparency, not contraction, not tilted, good flexibility, bending resistance, not broken, yellowing resistance characteristics. Applicable to trademark, signs and other electronics, electrical products surface decoration.

2 hard crystal Dijiao: it is a two-component liquid, high transparency, high hardness, suitable for badges, Mingban products such as surface decoration.

3.The cambered surface glue: it is a two component liquid mixtures, with various epoxy Segao mixed use. Applicable to the hairpin, such as the first flower crafts King Shun crystal Dijiao - effect chartSurface decoration, true to life likeness to products, increase market competitiveness.

4 polished plastic: it applies to the belt, buttons, key chain and other metal products surface decoration, can be grinding, polishing, electroplating. 5 PU glue: it is a two-component polyurethane mixture liquid, the fracture resistance of optimal, not broken, resistant to yellowing period lasted more than three years later, the hardness of no abnormal changes, applicable to high-end electronics, electrical signs decorative surface products.

Crystal Dijiao performance:

1 crystal Dijiao, low viscosity, good leveling, defoaming good performance;2 temperature or medium temperature curing, the curing rate of moderate;3 cured good transparency, high hardness, smooth surface, bright, no bubbles, strong adhesion;The 4 curable material has good solvent resistance, anti invasive and yellowing resistance.5 other hard surface of the product packaging;6 is not suitable for elastic or soft surface Dijiao products.

Crystal Dijiao matters needing attention:

1 drops of rubber products can be static for a period of time and then into the oven, such as found on the surface of still air bubbles, can use the flame method for defoaming defoaming;. Mixed with glue and more, the reaction faster, curing speed will be faster, reaction speed, which can use time will shorten;

2 may use time: refers to the condition of 25 ℃, 100g after mixing glue viscosity doubling time, not operable time, glue can not use;3 there are very few people long time contact adhesive produced mild skin irritation, with mild itching and pain, recommend the use of wearing protective gloves, stick to the skin with acetone or alcohol wipe, and use detergent wash clean;

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