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Jewelry plastic mold, mold silicone jewelry-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Jewelry plastic mold, mold silicone jewelry          Jewelry is worn on a person. Original meaning refers only to wear on the head ornaments, now refers to precious metals, gems and other processed earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets etc.. Jewelry is generally used to decorate the body, also has manifested the social status, wealth and significance of display. Special mould plastic jewelry is a two-component additional liquid silicone rubber, has good dimensional stability, the advantages of good heat release, up to above 250 ° C, widely used in rapid prototyping of jewelry molds.

          Jewelry plastic mold is a two component, a medium temperature curing of addition liquid silicone rubber, mainly used for diamond mold, mold, the first mold imitation gemstones, vulcanized rubber size stability, linear shrinkage rate is extremely low; and the epoxy resin crafts have good releasability. Two-component fluid silicone rubber, respectively A agent and B agents, when used in accordance with the provisions of mixing ratio, at high temperature vulcanization molding, high hardness silicone rubber mold, plastic mold has the general performance ( high and low temperature resistance, electric insulation, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, shock absorption, simulation, and also has a high tear resistance, high elongation, high tension, high hardness, low shrinkage, low hardness etc. ), distinctive feature of the performance was mainly used for size requirements for the stability of building materials, the product has high hardness, resistance to tearing, not easy to deformation and expansion, long service life; high temperature resistant.

Jewelry plastic mold using the method

1, mixed: base adhesive and curing agent in a weight ratio of 10:1 hybrid, hybrid can be manually or using the equipment.
2, degassing: after mixing glue on the mold filling should be carried out before the degassing. A small amount of use can be carried out in a vacuum dryer, under vacuum, glue volume can be increased by 4 - 5 times ( foam ), therefore, the volume of the container should be higher than the degassing plastic volume 4 - 5 times, after a few minutes of plastic volume returned to normal, when the surface there is no escape when the bubbles ( about 10 minutes ) to complete the.
3, surface processing: rubber material to contact the surface of the mold or potting material surface can be used as a release agent such as liquid paraffin.
4, curing and demoulding: mixed after the degassing compound at 120± 5° C bake 30 minutes curing, 60 - 70 °C baked 2 - 3 hours at room temperature curing, curing time is 24Hr, the curing temperature and time according to the conditions set.

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