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Module power supply of silicone potting-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

           Power supply module can be directly mounted on the printed circuit board to the power supply unit, power supply module for special integrated circuit, digital signal processor, microprocessor, memory, a field programmable gate array and other digital or analog load power supply. This type of module called the point of load power supply system or point of use power supply system. Due to the modular structure of the many advantages, so the module of power are widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications and optical transmission, routers and other communications and automotive electronics, aerospace and other.

          Power module for general electric module of silicone potting potting protection, outdoor LED display screen sealing protection, electronic accessories, insulation, waterproofing and fixed with the large power electronic components, for heat dissipation and temperature requirements of high power module and circuit board encapsulation protecting. Such as auto AID light module power supply, the ignition system of the car power supply module, network transformers.

          Module power supply of silicone potting is a two-component room temperature curing, condensed type organic silicon potting material, has excellent resistance to high and low temperature change and ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance performance, so it is more suitable for filling large module and electronic device, and general component materials are compared, with integral curing fast adhesion, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, leak-proof sealing, shock resistance, high temperature weather and aging, prevent arc ignition and sealing properties such as electrical and electronic components, coating, potting.

Module power supply of silicone potting specific process is as follows:

1 mixed, put the A components are fully mixing evenly, the sedimentation filler are fully mixed evenly, B group well.
2 mixed, shall comply with A component: component B = 10:1 weight ratio.A
3 sealant use in accordance with the need for deaeration. The A, B mixture evenly into the vacuum container, in the 0.08MPa under the deaeration for 3 minutes, then perfusion using.
4 room temperature curing sealant products, perfusion well placed after curing at room temperature, basic after curing to enter the next process, completely curing need 24 hours. Environment temperature and humidity have great effect on curing.

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