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Low viscosity silicone rubber,silicone semiconductor sealing-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Reduce the product surface viscosity of silicone curing method, used to seal the report proposed liquid silicone composition, silicone rubber sealing semiconductor device and producing method of semiconductor device. Silicone rubber composition to form the real excellent weather resistance and heat resistance and has excellent silicone rubber properties such as hardness and elongation of vulcanized products, thus can be used for various aspects of the thoroughfare, and because by using silicone rubber coated end product can reach excellent heat resistance and light resistance, silicone rubber is also being used in a variety of packaging the form of the potential material.

          Semiconductor element is sealed, a hard resin tends to crack or with the bonding wire deformation, and the soft rubber realistic surface viscosity, i.e. they tilt and bond sewage Hou, but also often in the feeder suffered during the sealing resin adhesive. Provide reduced soft rubber type silicone curing product surface viscosity method, at the same time ensure as vulcanization product characteristics of elastomeric favorable long-term stability.

          Reduce the product surface viscosity of silicone curing method, the method includes to vulcanizable silicone rubber composition vulcanized products surface coating curable silicone resin layer, change in the composition of bonded to silicon atoms of hydrogen atom bonded to the silicon atom relative to the chain alkenyl molar ratio of 1 or greater, and in curing, the curing product reality A hardness of not more than 20, after curing, the silicone resin layer display D hardness of 30 or greater; and curing the silicone resin and the formation thickness of less than 0.5mm curable resin layer, it can prevent the afternoon is bonded to the surface.

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