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Pressure sensitive conductive silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Pressure sensitive conductive rubber is a resistance strain effect of sensitive material, also known as a pressure sensitive conductive rubber, piezoelectric rubber. When the external force is not active, pressure sensitive conductive rubber with higher resistance value; and compression resistance decreased, showing the properties of conductive. Use of this valuable characteristics, pressure sensitive conductive rubber can be used to produce a series of components, such as a pressure sensor, tactile sensor, the contact and the contact switch components, high density word processor switch panel, as well as computer symbolic image reading device.

Pressure sensitive conductive rubber composition:

        Pressure sensitive conductive rubber composition diene rubber, nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, silicone rubber, and conductive particles mixing after vulcanization system. The conductive particles can use carbon black, metal particles, graphite, fibrous conductive filler.

Pressure sensitive conductive rubber conductive mechanism:

        Conductive rubber conductive mechanism depends on the filler of conductive material electrically conductive rubber conductive mechanism depends on the filler of conductive material electron transfer in the rubber matrix form current. The metal conductive filler is itself are in contact with each other the movement of free electrons generated current. Fibrous conductive filler by fibers between the overlapping each other, in the rubber matrix to form a three-dimensional conductive network, so that the electron flow. When the conductive rubber conductive particles in the content can not be too high or too low, just at the tunnel penetration probability to occur rapidly rising level before the. Such complexes under pressure, oak level before the rapidly rising rate. Such complexes under pressure, oak level before the rapidly rising rate. Such complexes under pressure, oak Turki emission conduction is decided, to transfer by tunneling conduction and ohmic conduction are decided, and complex resistance under pressure to have more than four orders of magnitude of change, so the conductive rubber is likely to become a pressure-sensitive conductive rubber.

        Conductive rubber and common piezoelectric materials compared with low price, simple design, and easy to realize the advantages of multi point measurement. The conductive rubber as raw materials, the sensor has the following advantages: ( 1) a good processing performance, easy to cut into any shape and mass production; ( 2) good environment adaptability, such as soft, corrosion resistance, high density, elasticity, (3 ) as a contact material, its printed circuit substrate plated surface and wear very the small, and the contacts without noise. But as a result of conductive rubber to deformation recovery lag effect is not conducive to continuous measurement and repeated use, need to be further improved process.

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