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Far infrared radiation of silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

         The far infrared radiation and anion composition most major applications in the food and glassware, clothing, bedding and so on, which belongs to the heat requirements are not high, cannot be used for wire coating material; coating material is mainly used for heat resistant silicone rubber. Electrical heating of the growing demand, for emitting far infrared rays and anions and antibacterial effect of heating appliances, need additional anion radiation device. A far infrared radiation and anion silicone rubber composition and the composition coated wire heating effect, produced directly beneficial to human health and far infrared anion antibacterial effect of heat source.

        Far infrared radiation and anion silicone rubber composition component of silicon rubber: far infrared anion powder: Powder: vulcanizing agent: the weight ratio of 64~90:3~15:3~15:3~4 colorant. Can be used to heating electric heater attached to the far infrared radiation heater, anion radiation device and other special devices, simple structure, easy to use. The composition can be made into a circle, diamond, square and other shaped articles, replace the mattress on the jade block, block stone. Not only is easy to manufacture, but also because of the soft texture, the body and the cover component is in contact, there is a sense of comfort.

       After a test is that: Analysis for silicon rubber coated wire, meet the radioactive anion and antibacterial effect of the range is the silicone rubber 60~90, far infrared radiation radioactive anion powder powder 3~15, 3~15, 1~2 as curing agent, coloring agent 3~4, range. The silicone rubber composition not only radioactive anion, and antibacterial effect. The silicone rubber composition in the manufacture of far infrared radiation and anion coated wire.

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