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Aging resistance of silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

          Silicon nitride silicon rubber as adhesive and anti aging compound shows excellent performance. A ring containing silazane polymer, the polymer has excellent thermal stability, but the ring two silicon compounds synthetic method comparison difficult, low yield. Another synthetic containing cyclic silazane polymers, but it relates to polymers containing longer [ ( Me ) 2SiO]n link, n=10~5000, the polymer with low content of N ( <1% ), affecting the anti aging effect of.

         The present article about anti aging of silicone rubber is a kind of novel silicon rubber anti aging compound, which is characterized by high content of about 3%, in nitrogen condition, add this compound silicone rubber than add the compound silicone rubber aging effect is good. The silicone rubber is a ring and polysilazane as parent, especially in N, N ' - bis four phenyl rings two polysilazane as matrix, provides a silicone rubber anti aging compound synthesis method.

Silicone rubber anti aging compound synthesis methods are as follows:

       A. decompression out system in the water, will ring two silazane dissolved in hydrocarbon and polar solvents, about which no 0.01 mol ring two silazane required 150 milliliter solvent;

       B. under the protection of nitrogen, with ring two silazane equivalent top lithium in -78~-30 degrees under drip into the steps in a solution, to the reaction liquid is milk white turbid solution, get the ring two silazane lithium salt solution, at room temperature;

       C. with ring two silazane lithium than excessive chlorosilane and hydrocarbon and polar solvents drip into the steps in B solution, to the reaction liquid is clear and transparent, decompression out solvent, with aromatic hydrocarbons dissolved after filtration to remove the lithium chloride, reducing solvent removal, available compounds.

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