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Flame retardant silicone foam-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

      Flame retardant silicone foam is a kind of liquid rubber, with the hardener is added to the room temperature to harden to form medium density foam, through the mixed hardening agent and adhesive of chemical reaction within 20 minutes, room temperature to form a bubble gum.

The nature of the operation:

1 medium density elastic foam2 may harden at room temperature3 do not contain solvents and odor4 for most metals, glass and metal foil without bottom glue5 such as the use of bottom glue on the substrate, producing a high quality adhesive ability6 CFC can be carried out without the use of chemical foaming7 may add filler.


1 site casting thermal insulation

2 small molded parts

3 silicone sponge

4 metal foil heat treatment application and cutting heat sheet film storage

Matters needing attention :
      1 In cases of A:B with 10:1 mixing hardening time interval can be cooled base adhesive to extend the operating time but not frozen, can be increased by 50℃heat hardening time could be shortened.

      2 when using the manual mixing, use a clean flat spoon spatula or paint stirrer, material attached to the rim of the container and the bottom to be mixed cycle and in the composition of two.

      3 if a power mixer, it normally takes 30 seconds to reach the circulation thoroughly mixed, to avoid prolonging the time of high speed stirring, so will cause the material is heated and lead to dumping schedule shortened.

      4: quantitative and preparation of RTF-762 silicone rubber foam by standard two component quantitative mixing equipment preparation, uniform and thorough mixing is a must, to produce high quality foam, in the mixing process, should avoid excessive heat, because the equipment is selected according to the individual application requirements.5 under 25 ℃, RTF-762 silicone rubber foam will need about 1.5 minutes of time, expansion in the plus sclerosing agent after

      5 minutes, the foam can be used within 30 hours.

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