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High hardness silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

           With the rapid development of special printing industry. Anodized hot stamping with its unique printing effect for other printing method is insufficient, has become a high-grade goods commonly employed in the decoration, printing process. However, the traditional hot stamping are made of copper, zinc, only hot stamping plane and unable to meet the various shapes of goods printing needs, therefore we need to develop a high temperature ( 250 ℃), has good compression resilient, shore A hardness can be controlled in 60, 70, 90 and 8O, and easy processing elastic body.

          Selection of silicon rubber as the material of the substrate, A12O3 and fumed silica ( AS ) filled silicone rubber hardness and mechanical properties of A12O3 by comparison, silane coupling agent surface treatment on the properties of silicone rubber, addition of metal oxides on the thermal stability of silicone rubber, the same hardness silicone rubber compound silicone rubber, as well as how to improve the heat resistance and compression elasticity.
           The addition of AS and A12O3 can improve the shore A hardness silicone rubber. AS improve the hardness of silicone rubber is obviously superior to A12O3, but its effect on silicone rubber heat aging properties have an adverse effect on. When shore A hardness reaches 90, A12O3 filled silicone rubber high temperature performance is superior to that of AS filling system, therefore, under the condition of meeting the requirement, using A1 0, to replace part of AS can improve the heat resistance of silicon rubber. Silane coupling agent A 151 A12O3, can improve the surface activity of A12O3, A 151 / A12O3 optimal mass ratio of 1:100. The use of R 401 / 40 S rubber, with a certain amount of A12O3 / A 151, can be made of silicone rubber products to meet the different needs of different hardness, good rebound elasticity, and the compression. When shore A hardness of 80 silicone rubber, but also for its mechanics to shore A hardness of 80 silicone rubber, and at the same time on the mechanical properties but its compression elasticity drop.

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