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Glove silk screen glue-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        The glove is warming hand or labor protection supplies, also used as a decorative. Production of gloves material is more special such as: cotton yarn, plush, leather, super fiber, cloth etc.. This is mainly about the application in labor supplies gloves. Gloves from these leather, fabric, and is not easy to damage, long service life and fine processing makes leather gloves, wearing comfortable, seize the goods accurately, and leather gloves with thermal protection and insulation performance is good. According to the needs of different occasions, corresponding to the production of gloves with different functions, such as: high temperature, anti-skid, suitable for oily or greasy dirt environment, electrical insulation, anti-chemical, anti-static and so on.

        However, these special purpose portable, need how to well production? To meet these needs is the traditional production process has not been able to achieve. Screen printing technology development is a good solution to these problems. Silicone screen printing is required specifically for various uses of silica gel. As long as the silica gel through screen printing, can be firmly adhered to the textile, non-woven fabrics, leather, artificial leather and other material surface. Can achieve a variety of application needs.

         Extremely extensive use of silicone screen printing, screen printing silica gel patterns have a strong sense of three-dimensional, with soft to the touch, with textile or leather, silk screen also has excellent peel strength, abrasion resistance, brightness; also has a waterproof, non-slip, high and low temperature resistant, breathable and good leveling. Silicone screen printing is a non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection, strictly through the safety certification system. Main uses: garment factory; garment accessories factory; embossed printing factory; Hatting Factory; shoe factory; sock factory, handbag factory; craft gift factory; embroidery factory; mark Ribbon Factory

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