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Electrode for silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23


           Now the technology of electroless copper plating is widely used, it can achieve a metal, ceramic, glass and plastic substrates such as copper, and this technology has been very mature, it includes degreasing, roughening, sensitization, activation and chemical copper plating and process, but only rely on the existing technology can not achieve the silicon rubber material copper plating.Copper plating technology of silicone rubber is a long service life, high flexibility and conductive silicon rubber chemical. To solve technical problems using the technology scheme, as follows:

           Silicon rubber in 1 by 10~20g/L sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and 25-50g/L 20-35g/L phosphoric acid three sodium was prepared from three alkali solution, thermostat 80 degrees 30~40min oil immersion, and then washed with deionized water.2 in the 150~250ml/L hydrochloric acid solution.3 using 10-15g/L stannous chloride and 40ml/L hydrochloric acid solution prepared from solution on silicone rubber for immersion of sensitized 3-5min, requiring a pH for 0.5-1.9, temperature of 18~25 degrees, then washing with deionized water net.4 using 4-6g/L silver nitrate and 10-25ml/L ammonia compounding solution on silicone rubber for immersion of sensitized 3-5min, temperature of 18~25 degrees, then washing with deionized water net.5 into copper sulfate bath for electroless copper plating solution pH, requirements for 12-13, temperature of 18-30 degrees. 25-40 minutes, namely copper products; wherein the metal of the silicon rubber has good conductivity and good flexibility, can be produced by electrode, used for micro actuator driving or working class. Therefore, by chemical plating method for silicon rubber metal is active in broad sense. Copper plating technology of silicone rubber has the following advantages:

1 the chemical plating equipment is simple and cost saving.
2 silicone rubber surface copper plating layer is uniform and compact and high strength.
3 has good flexibility, corrosion resistance and working stability, within a certain size range is segmented into a desired shape, in wet and dry environments can work stably.

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