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Halogen free flame retardant silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23


         Flame retardant silicone rubber has wide application range, general room temperature vulcanized silicon rubber, encountering the flame has good self-extinguishing, and puts forward the added weight of less than 5 parts by weight of from the quenching effect is poor, and more than 100 weight portions, composition process performance significantly worse, its fire retardant performance has some limitations.

        Flame retardant silicone rubber coating such as glass fiber cloth as a new product with broad market prospects, good electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, can be used as a flexible connecting device used to solve the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline damage, silica cloth decay resistance, aging resistance, flexibility and good flexibility, as non-metallic Compensator good, corrosion resistance, high strength, application in building sealing materials, good flame retardance, can be used as a fire curtain.

       A different vinyl content of silicon rubber as base material, adding hydrogen containing silicone oil, hydroxyl silicone oil, reinforcing agent, metal hydroxides, and contains at least a chloroplatinic acid, polytetrafluoroethylene in a, the silicon rubber excellent flame retardant performance, but containing recorded, in the preparation of silica gel with strong will pungent odor, and is not conducive to environmental protection, and the use of aluminium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, inorganic flame retardant, often to the great addition to effect.

       Halogen free flame retardant silicone rubber is a kind of excellent performance, no irritating smell and environment-friendly halogen-free flame retardant silicone rubber. Using methyl vinyl silicone rubber based adhesive compositions and vulcanizing machine and. Halogen free flame retardant silicone rubber used for preparation of silicon rubber flame retardant fabric. This cloth for glass fiber cloth.

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