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Notebook computer nanometer pad of silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23


         Notebook computer because of the limitations of the volume and weight, the heating problem is hard to solve, when the temperature is too high, life would be reduced, high temperature will cause the notebook internal fine components reduce the work efficiency, reduce life expectancy. Using silicone rubber nano material heat, electromagnetic wave absorption characteristics. Notebook computer with nanometer pads silicone rubber production computer notebook pad can effectively reduce the temperature of 10~15 degrees, not only increase the assembly efficiency, but also greatly improves the stability of the system and the working life of notebook. More to the point is that it can also absorb electromagnetic wave to reduce the harm to the human body.

        The notebook computer is now an indispensable tool, notebook radiation, anti-static into some technical points. Notebook computer nanometer pad of silicone rubber produced a computer pad, the shape is a flat square or rectangular pad structure, the upper layer and the lower layer is arranged between the number of copies through the radiating hole. Its purpose is: for notebook computer, notebook computer heat absorption of the electromagnetic waves generated by. The beneficial effect is conducive to the notebook computer, notebook computer heat dissipation extended the service life of the notebook, can absorb electromagnetic waves generated, with anti-static, shockproof and on the bottom of the notebook computer heat insulation effect.

        Notebook computer nanometer pad of silicone rubber concrete material : silicon rubber, nano zinc oxide, alumina, the weight percentages are as follows; silicone rubber 96%~98.5%, nano zinc oxide whisker 1-3%, nanometer alumina 0.5-1%, its manufacturing method is as follows: according to the percentage that the proportion of nano zinc oxide, nanometer alumina, dispersion, uniformly join 96~98.5% proportion of silicone rubber, after mixing is injected into the mold, in 180~200 degrees of temperature pressure forming, pressure 2000-3000kgf/cm2, pressing time is 180-200s, release, and mold corresponding to the notebook nanometer pad.

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