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Silica gel silica gel prosthesis, a medical prosthesis-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

         Silicone rubber is a linear organic siloxane polymers. Because of the physiological withholding had no effect, will not cause allergic reactions, is considered to be the ideal medical polymer materials, can be used as artificial heart materials, plastic and reconstructive surgery. For example the artificial breast, now the vast majority are made of silicone rubber material. With silicone rubber artificial breast prosthesis for example: breast augmentation is the commonly used plastic and cosmetic operation, by medical means, biological tissue or biological tissue substitutes, through the armpit, or breast areola approach such as breast or under the arm into the pectoralis major muscle, thereby achieving the effect of breast uplift. The silicone rubber material is mainly aimed at overcoming infection, fat liquefaction, hematoma, fibrous nodules, cystic degeneration, nodular stem Los necrosis, lipoma complications such as model material.

       Artificial prosthesis silicone material which is characterized in that the material is a solid silicone rubber particle composition, which was composed of solid silicon rubber particles. What is solid silicone rubber: modifier: normal saline or distilled water ratio volume ratio of 100:10~1000-5000. Diameter of 0.01~10mm. Modifier for the best polyvinylpyrrolidone ( PVP ). Pvp has excellent solubility, low toxicity, film forming properties, chemical stability, physiologically inert, adhesive ability, complexing ability with protection glue, and widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food, brewing, printing and dyeing, detergent additives and other fields, can be used as a thickening agent, suspending agent, adhesive, medicine tablet blood solvent, also used a chromatographic stationary liquid.

         Artificial prosthesis silicone materials as the most suitable artificial breast prosthesis, from dragon dairy operation practice, first of all, the use of silicone rubber sac body, so much reduced operation according to the year, from the armpit, or breast areola incision under direct injection implant. Save time reduces the pain of patients. Substance PVP and saline will gradually absorb the human body, so that the body was placed in silicone rubber which has a fixed shape, a resilient, especially realistic.

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