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moon cake mold silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

         The Mid-Autumn Festival is slowly approaching footsteps, all major businesses started cake promotion. A variety of network sales, advertising, the picture is rich and colorful. The moon cakes are various formats, see there is the impulse to buy. Moon cake varieties has colorful. China's moon cake variety, according to the points of origin are: Beijing type moon cake, moon cake, Su style moon cakes, moon cakes, moon cakes, desktop Dian Hong Kong-style cakes, moon cakes, moon cakes moisture seal type, moon cake, moon cake Qu Qin, even Japanese; they taste, sweet, salty, salty sweet, spicy flavor; tell from stuffing heart, osmanthus cakes, moon cakes five kernel, red bean paste, prunes, rose, lotus seed paste, sugar, ginkgo, dried meat floss, black sesame, ham moon cake, moon cakes; according to the pie crust is divided, with cutaneous plasmacytoma, mixed with sugar, pastry, skin cream leather; from modeling and the smooth and lace.

         Moon cake production is a traditional single pure handmade into a mold variety production. We mainly talked about in the forming of this. There are many others technical content such as: depression, stuffing, molding, baking. Moon cake's shape and pattern (style, pattern) have the mold to complete. Traditional steel or wood mold, because these not good for cleaning, use of heavy, single style and other factors. The silicone products widely used to make up for the traditional shortcomings.

        Food with silicone mold for injection molding of bicomponent high transparency, high strength, high resistance to tear liquid silicone rubber . It is mainly used for injection molding process, cake mold, mold silicone products such as food. Food silicone mold for injection molding liquid silicone rubber, solidified in high temperature, being formed of an elastic body has the following properties: transparency, tear strength (≥ 35N/mm ), good resilience, good heat stability and weatherability (using the temperature -60℃ --250 ℃), yellowing resistance, thermal aging resistance. Moon cake mold silicone production of moon cake mold can not only rich in style, but also high temperature baking.

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