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Cake mold silicone potting-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

       The earliest with some simple cake is made of materials of cake. The cake is the oldest religious myths and miraculously symbol of superstition. The early trade routes to exotic spices from the Far East, North input, nuts, toilet water, citrus fruit, dates and figs from the introduction of sugar cane from the Middle East, Eastern countries and the countries of the South entrance. The dark ages in Europe, these rare materials only monks and nobles can have, and their creation is the honey Gingerbread cakes, as well as a flat hard biscuit or something like that. Slowly, as the frequency of trade, the western countries have also followed the eating habits change. Home from the Crusades of the soldiers and the merchant of Arabia, to the use of spices and the middle of the spread of recipes. In several major commercial center of central Europe, baking master's Association also organized. In the late Middle Ages, spices have been throughout Europe, widely used by wealthy families, but also enhanced imaginative cakes baking technology. Wait until the pandemic, nuts and sugar, almond sugar mud also follow the popular, this almond sugar mud is carved wooden letterpress mould baked, and the pattern on the mold is more associated with religion admonished. Cake originated in the west, then slowly spread to china. The market is a great development. While red kit also find such a good chance, was studied. So the study of a kind of 718 plastic mold, the plastic mold for watches products complete replication.

718 plastic mold application:

Gifts, toys, fine pattern for products, mold, pouring mould products.

        Building structure adhesive, culture stone mold manufacturing special silicone rubber, but also can be used for the toy and gift industry, craft gifts industry, furniture, decoration industry, character copy, architectural decoration industry, resin handicraft industry, unsaturated resin handicraft industry, candles, plastic toy industry, gift stationery, gypsum craft gift industry, mold manufacturing Boli industries, industrial, simulation plants and animals sculpture, Buddha carving handicrafts and other sectors of the product copy and mold making.Building structure adhesive, culture stone mold manufacturing special silicone rubber has the characteristics of conventional:①the good fluidity, low viscosity, easy operation.The small shrinkage.③rally.④made out of silicone mold deformation.⑤molds more times, long service life, acid and alkali resistance to aging.

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