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Liquid silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23


       The liquid silicone rubber for high voltage insulator, bushing and power cable accessories rubber insulation materials technology. In the construction of power grids using a large number of transformers, transformers, insulators, in order to ensure the safe delivery of electrical energy, and the store device in outdoor work, to withstand wind, rain, long exposure. In industrial polluted area and the presence of acid, alkali, salt and other material corrosion and pollution. This requires that the insulation of power equipment in the adverse conditions of work for a long time and still have enough electrical box mechanical properties.

       Early majority of high-voltage electric power equipment are made of porcelain material, being resistant to pollution flashover ability is poor, easy broken. After the selection of epoxy resin, because in the outdoor aging resistance performance is not good but did not score a success. PTFE, rubber and other materials are applied, but the effect is not ideal. The silicone rubber material with excellent anti-aging ability, contamination flashover, hydrophobic properties, forming process is simple, quick, quick vulcanization molding, the energy-saving lamp processing advantages and has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy breakage, convenient transportation and installation, low maintenance costs using.

       While the power cable accessories are connected cable body, is a cable and overhead transmission line based substation equipment connected, realize power transmission apparatus. Adopt silicon rubber production power cable accessories, cable body has to provide constant interface pressure, reduce partial discharge and high elastic characteristics, thus insulating materials in electric power industry developing rapidly, get dinner application. Specific applications include suspension type composite insulator, lightning arrester, organic combination set casing base cable accessories, anti-pollution soil vegetables, creepage extenders, anti lightning shield and so on.

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