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Solar battery sealant-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23


       Using low viscosity amine curing agent and epoxy active diluent, and joined the DBP plasticizer improvement of epoxy resin pouring sealant flexibility, of components for encapsulating mechanical and optical properties of impact. The sealant curing reaction to ease, good flexibility, low viscosity, colorless and transparent, suitable for solar cell encapsulation.

      Casting is the use of potting material to constitute electrical parts in accordance with the requirements of reasonable arrangement, assembly, bonding, connection, sealing and protection and the implementation of a process. Its role is to strengthen the integrity of electronic devices, to improve the external shocks, shock resistance; improve the internal components, wiring insulation for electrical appliances, miniaturization, lightweight; avoid element, circuit directly exposed, waterproof, moisture-proof performance improvement device. Potting adhesive has been widely used in electronics manufacturing, electronics industry indispensable important insulating materials.

      As a result of the solar battery is widely used in outdoor, require potting adhesive has good mechanical properties, but also to the absorption of light is smaller. Solar battery sealant selected colorless transparency good epoxy resin 828, and introducing a 501 reactive diluent, so that the sealant has very good mobility, and with the cell surface has good penetration, having good adhesive properties and processing properties, and discusses its light transmittance.

          As a result of the solar battery sealant on light transmittance requirements are higher, in considering the sealant on the mechanical performance requirements at the same time, also want to consider the effect of light. Due to the absorbance and transmittance inversely, the absorbance of lower curing light transmittance performance is better, the test: curing agent content in 28phr, 30phr was small, but larger loss of mechanical properties; diluent content in 15phr, the content of plasticizer in 10phr mechanical and optical performance.

Solar battery sealant properties:
The potting high transparency, good surface gloss. When the active diluent for 15phr, DBP for 10phr, potting glue mechanical performance advantages. The epoxy sealant used for electronic potting plastic, suitable for transparent high demand of potting.

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