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Response of silicon rubber mold making process and frequently asked questions

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

Response of silicon rubber mold making process and frequently asked questions
A silicon rubber mold making process

A. Packet mode: first packet layer thickness in the mold species, 3 ~ 5mm of soil to do the plaster coat, remove dirt stains demoulding, the silicone mold and curing agent mixing well into the sets of mold species plaster coat, curing shape. (Which is more suitable for small items)

Two. Brush mode: general brush three-tier according to the mold requirements of multi-layer brush vacuum in the mold species, the brush in place. Second layer of paste gauze. The third layer of cover surface curing.
(This can be done in large products)

3. Perfusion mode: the mode of filling or perfusion mode is used to smooth or simple product, is the product or model you want to copy, use plastic sheet or glass enclosed, will be pumped through a vacuum silicone directly into the product above. When the silica gel drying molding, remove the product, the mold on the molding (Note: perfusion mode commonly used hardness is relatively soft silicone to do the mold, so mold release is easier to not damage the product of the silicone mold inside) and some can not directly remove the mold The species also cut stripping, in order to smooth production.
(This is to do small items)

4. Slice mode: smoked vacuum silicone construction by brushing or perfusion. If you are a do-chip mode or slice mold brushing way, first you want to copy the product or model brushing on a layer of release agent or release agent before brushing, and then brushing the silicone in the product above (Note : Be sure to brushing uniform) wait 30 minutes, the surface to paste to increase the strength of a layer of gauze or glass fiber cloth and then coated with a second layer of silicone, the silicone is dry, do it outside the mold, the outer mold can use materials such as plaster or resin.
The above is a silicone mold use and operation of the whole process. Rubber network of friends to share.

Second, the silicone rubber mold problems in the production and use of process and responses

A. Silicone mold Why is there less turning model?
Added too much in the process of making molds of silicone oil, silicone oil destroyed the molecular weight of the silicone mold will appear the phenomenon of turning model of fewer non-durable. If you do small pieces of the pattern is more complex products, the hardness of the silicone mold, there will be a turning model of fewer phenomenon, because the silicone perfect time to be very brittle, easily broken. On the contrary, if you do build products with the hardness of the silicone to do mold hidden in this post need to respond to before you can browse

Problems occur because of response measures


Mold silicone rubber vulcanization (1) hardening Ji add too much or add too little. The hardening Ji by adding the required proportion.
(2) hardening Ji and plastic is not uniform mixing. Should be fully uniform mixing.
(3) operation place at room temperature is too low. Improve room temperature, try to not less than 20 ℃.
(4) mold silicone rubber long time storage. Mold silicone rubber storage time not too long, generally not exceeding three months.
Silicone rubber molds
And copy the model of adhesion
If the replication model, the material is a ceramic, glass or stone, it could cause adhesion. Detergent or other detergent, mold release agents brushing model.

Silicone rubber mold surface bubbles
(1) incomplete row of bulbs. Vacuum with a vacuum machine, unvulcanized mold rubber row bubble completely.
(2) wooden model of the crevice bubble. To fill the gap with putty.
(3) model on the condensation of water or too much release agent. To model the surface of the water to dry


Life is not long silicone rubber mold (1) silicone rubber mold vulcanization incomplete. The silicon rubber mold vulcanization completely in order to start filling resin, generally want to place the day of aging or 1-4 hours of heating to reach 50 ℃ rapid aging.
(2) silicon rubber mold is used frequently. If possible, so that the mold proper rest.
(3) of the resin used is not suitable for large amount of heat. Replace the good resin.

(4) resin mixed uneven or accelerator, catalyst plus excessive. Resin accelerator, catalyst amount should be appropriate.
The silicon rubber mold is easy deformation of the silicone rubber mold (1) is not completely aging maintenance. Silicon rubber mold vulcanization after the aging and maintenance.

(2) maintenance of aging when the mold is not properly fixed. Mold and the outer mold or die within fixed to avoid deformation of the maintenance process.
(3) silicone oil added is too large. Reduce the amount of silicone oil to add, usually no more than 5%, try to increase the viscosity of the silicone oil.

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