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What is the perfusion mode

Silastic (English name: of Silicone rubber), sub-thermal curing (high-temperature vulcanized silicone HTV), a room temperature vulcanizing (RTV), RTV polycondensation reaction of type addition reaction type. High-temperature silicone rubber is mainly used for manufacturing all kinds of silicone rubber products, room temperature silicone rubber as adhesive potting material or mold. Heat curing the largest amount of heat curing type was divided into methyl silicone rubber (MQ), methyl vinyl silicone rubber (VMQ, usage and product grades up to), PVMQ vinyl methyl phenyl silicone rubber (low temperature resistance, radiation ), other eye Silastic fluorosilicone rubber and so on. I. Introduction In many synthetic rubber, silicone rubber is in one of the best. It has a tasteless non-toxic, not afraid of high temperature and resist the characteristics of the cold, at 300 degrees Celsius and minus ninety degrees Celsius, "poised", "without blinking an eye, still without losing the original strength and elasticity. Silastic good electrical insulation, resistance to oxygen aging resistance, light aging resistance and mildew resistance, chemical stability. Due to these excellent properties, Silastic widely played an important role in modern medicine. In recent years, hospitals, research institutes and factories work together, a successful trial a variety of Silastic medical supplies. Second, the characteristics The silicone rubber is mixed with reinforcing fillers, special synthetic elastomer vulcanized under heat and pressure generated by the linear polysiloxane. It is the perfect balance of mechanical and chemical properties, and thus be able to meet many of today's demanding applications. Silicone rubber in the following areas of performance: High and low temperature stability Inert (odorless) Transparent, easy to color Hardness range is wide, 10-80 Shore hardness Resistance to chemicals Weathering Sealing performance Electrical properties Resistance to compression deformation In addition to the superior performance compared to conventional organic elastomers, silicone rubber is also particularly vulnerable to manufacturing. The Silastic easy flow, and thus can be molded in the lower energy consumption, rolling, extrusion Easy processing means high production efficiency. The silicone rubber can be provided in the form below: Mix: This type materials can be based on your processing equipment and end-use color and catalysis. Base material: The type of silicone polymer also contain reinforcing fillers. Rubber base material can be further mixing of pigments and additives, the formation of the rubber compound to meet your color and other manufacturing requirements. Liquid silicone rubber (LSR): This two-component liquid rubber system through the pump to enter the appropriate injection molding equipment, and then heat cured into a molded rubber parts. Fluorosilicone rubber compounds and base material: fluoro silicone rubber has maintained many of the critical nature of the organic silicon, in addition, it also has superior resistance to chemicals, fuel and oil resistance. Third, classification The silicone rubber is mainly divided into RTV silicone rubber, high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Therefore, RTV silicone rubber composition, curing mechanism and the use of technology can be divided into three types, namely, one-component RTV silicone rubber, two-component condensation RTV silicone rubber molding two-component RTV silicone rubber . Three series RTV silicone rubber has its own characteristics: the advantages of single-component room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber is easy to use, but deep curing speed is more difficult; two-component room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, the advantages hold heat when curing. The shrinkage is very small, not inflated, internal stress, curing can be both internal and surface can be deep sulfide; molding RTV silicone rubber vulcanization time depends mainly on temperature. The Silastic according to the curing characteristics can be divided into two types of heat curing type silicone rubber and RTV silicone rubber. Different properties and uses can be divided into general-purpose, ultra-low temperature resistant, ultra-high temperature, high strength type, oil, medical type. The monomer used can be divided into a methyl vinyl silicone rubber, methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber, fluorosilicone, nitrile, silicone rubber. Fourth, the use Silastic Earplugs: wear comfortable, well barrier noise, protecting the eardrum. The Silastic fetal head to attract: easy to operate, safe to use, depending on the size of the fetal head deformation, attracted to the fetal scalp will not pick up, avoid the ills of the scalp hematoma and intracranial injury can greatly reduce dystocia pregnant women's suffering. Silastic artificial blood vessels: a special physiological function can be done with the body "intimacy", the human body does not reject it, after a certain period of time, and human tissue completely combine the stability is extremely good. The Silastic tympanic membrane repair the piece: its on-chip thin and soft, smooth finish and toughness are good. Is an ideal material to repair the eardrum, and easy to operate, the effect is quite good. In addition, there are Silastic artificial airway, artificial lungs, artificial bone, Silastic duodenal tube, efficacy is very satisfactory.

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