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Chinese demand for natural rubber in 2015 the latest information

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

Association of rubber long Sau Yan said that the Chinese demand for natural rubber in 2015 will exceed 4.8 million tons, the domestic gap is expected to exceed 4/5, and that rubber prices and long-term is still bullish.
On June 14, Sau Yan of China Natural Rubber Association, said recently that China's natural rubber demand will exceed 4.8 million tons in 2015, of which only car tires an annual demand will be expected to more than 3.3 million tons, due to domestic produced a serious shortage of natural rubber gap is expected to exceed 4/5.
The data show that by the end of 2010, the total area of ​​rubber plantations has over one million hectares, 687,000 tons of dry rubber yield, but increased demand for more rapid self-sufficiency rate of annual decline in domestic natural rubber. Chinese consumption in 2010 reached 3.12 million tons, 20 percent of self-sufficiency rate, the gap reached 4/5.
At present, about 70 percent of the natural rubber used in tire manufacture, market forecasts, in 2015 China's tire production will reach 560 million.
The decline in car sales and production of the main producing areas in Southeast Asia is also expected to decline, coupled with the main producing countries gradually into the tapping of divergence of investors, the market is still waiting for further guidance. Sau Yan said that the recent poor weather conditions in Southeast Asia lead to reduced supply may cause irritation to the spot prices upward, and with the gradual recovery of demand, futures prices and long-term will continue to rise. Silicone products
Natural rubber is not only the world of strategic materials, but also the livelihood of the bulk of industrial raw materials, or a green resource, has an important strategic position in the economic and national defense construction. With the economic development and awareness of the use of green resources, China's dependence on natural rubber is rising, demand is increasingly strong.
Natural rubber is one of the important chemical raw materials in China has an important strategic position in the economy and national defense construction, and its price trend has an important impact on domestic economic development. Analyze the current status quo of the domestic rubber production industry and global market, can be found, for a long period of time, China's rubber supply and demand still can not make up, natural rubber, or will become crude oil, iron ore, after another kinds of market competition for resources.
China Natural Rubber Association of two responses:
The first is to promote the continued growth of the domestic natural rubber production. Currently, the country should glue of land resources has been close to saturation, by expanding the cultivated area is very limited potential for this in the future will focus on promoting the renovation of the historical legacy low-yielding defective rubber plantation in the area of ​​the advantages of natural rubber to the general promotion of seed, strengthen pest and disease prevention and control, improve China's natural rubber yields, improve the comprehensive production capacity of the existing rubber plantation. 2015, the acreage in the area of ​​the advantages of natural rubber in China to stabilize at about 1400 mu, production reached 800,000 tons, the proportion of newly planted rubber plantations application of new varieties of 100%; 2020, the basic realization of the rubber plantation of improved varieties, The annual output reached more than 1.2 million tons. Silicone products in Dongguan
The second is to actively implement the "going out" strategy of development to compensate for the lack of natural rubber resources in China. In recent years, Guangdong Land Reclamation, etc. According to the "going out" development strategy, carried out outside the plant gum. Guangdong Land Reclamation has been successfully established in Malaysia, Thailand, the rubber plantations and processing plants, the annual output reached 80,000 tons. Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation and gold oak Co., Ltd. in China and Myanmar, the old border plant plastic for many years, the rubber planting area has more than 50 million mu, the holding company of Shanghai (International) in Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, more than the annual production capacity up to 20 million tons of processing plants and continue to develop rubber plantation one hundred acres; Shandong the Huayue Investment Co., Ltd. in Cambodia has developed 15 million mu of land and the establishment of processing plants. In this regard, we should vigorously support enterprises "going out" development, and implementation of preferential policies to be supported in order to take full advantage of a resource, the advantage of two markets, to accelerate the development of China's natural rubber industry.


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