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LED silicone: LED Ceiling price is still lower

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

       Recently, Shenzhen LED silicone According to a recent survey of understanding, has been a result of the high price of LED Ceiling prices have recently become more and more civilians, with prices declining, LED ceiling has increased in some sectors the field of lighting popularity of LED ceiling prices are steadily falling. LED ceiling prices decline, but the rapidly growing popularity of the public, Shenzhen LED the silicone think there is quite difficult.
Shenzhen LED silicone understand the LED ceiling price now is about six times that of traditional lamp, so only a small number of LED ceiling applied to the home of the people.
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, the State General Administration of Customs, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued a document that will be divided into five phases to phase out incandescent. Domestic lighting market Gangster retreat for many optoelectronic enterprises happy to see each have "peep" is released the market share.
This year, the state has issued a policy to support the LED products, the policy content will be in the next five stages, a step-by-step phase-out incandescent. The retreat led by domestic source market for many optoelectronic enterprises happy to see each have "peep" is released the market share.
We take a look to the wholesale market of lighting products, it is easy to find the general lighting shop has been a figure of less than a traditional incandescent. Range are a variety of energy-saving lamps. LED ceiling light, was relatively deserted, relatively speaking, the traditional number of energy-saving lamps. And a small number of shops can also see a small incandescent lamp.
According to the LED silicone understanding, led ceiling light of the general corporate business or project, such as LED landscape works, government procurement, a real family with less than 5% of the business, mainly because the price of the reasons. However, the commercial areas (shopping malls, hotels, etc.) are beginning to have a growing trend. Shopping malls, for example, the jewelry counter, the last two years have began to abandon T5, in favor of more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly led lantern.
Price space than ordinary energy-saving lamps
Although the price is still high, LED ceiling price every year greatly reduced, and LED lighting products with environmental protection and energy saving, long life and other advantages than traditional lighting products this is an indisputable fact. LED ceiling of the development potential is very large, with the lower prices, the general 5W LED Ceiling generally around 40 you can buy smaller power prices even lower, in fact, not difficult to accept the price, the advantages of LED lighting products, Shenzhen LED silicone think the value of applications is very high.

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