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LED market situation LED silicone resolve several key issues

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

    Shenzhen LED Silicone discovered the key development areas of the LED industry is still concentrated in the LED display, after all, the LED display as the first LED products, the current development has been very mature in life has been all over the traces of the LED display, but the LED the development of silicone lighting products is not so optimistic.
Can be seen from the city of ten thousand lights, indoor lighting subsidizing countries released a series of policies is to force the Government for the promotion of LED, LED industry can really rely on the support of the countries on which the development? Shenzhen LED Silicone discovered the effect is not so optimistic. So what caused the development of LED lighting difficulties? The following Shenzhen LED silicone roughly divided into several parts, and to resolve the problems that need attention of the development of LED lighting.
Personally believe that several aspects to consider, to be innovative:
A price. The open market price is a very important factor from the beginning to the present, the impact of LED lighting. Compared to the relatively high prices of energy-saving lamps, the average family still relatively difficult to accept. Does not affect the lighting, re-replacement LED lighting family is still relatively small. So you want to open the LED lighting market, the price must fall. Can be seen in some online store price is lower than the $ 10 LED lights, but believe that the quality of this type of LED products is difficult to guarantee.
(2) environmental issues. LED products to gradually replace the incandescent lamp, is the departure from the environmental point of view. But some do not like the sound, LED products, will cause light pollution. It is true brightness of the LED is still relatively large, due to perspective, may interfere with people's attention to dangerous security risks. The highlight of the outdoor display is a good example. At the same time ensure that lighting levels should solve the problem of light pollution, can be used with confidence, with the comfort.
(3) modeling problem. Although some people think this is not the problem. LED lights are more beautiful on the market, superior lamp shape is not. Or relatively high price, most people find it hard to accept. Especially in the LED street lamp. The shape of LED lights is basically the major cities are then several shapes, why not use the special properties of the LED lights into local cultural culture to innovation? Solve the lighting problem at the same time, can be a wonderful city, decorative city views. A beautiful landscape in the city.
The above issue that a lot of LED companies are hard to improve. LED silicone think the LED industry market potential is very large, but low public awareness of the product and the market is not mature enough, the need for further planning. But it seems the current market conditions, LED lighting products continue the trend of LED silicone believe that its development will quickly open up the market in a short time.

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