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Production of the chemical industry the need for silicon

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

        China's production of industrial silicon, the original metallurgical silicon, chemical silicon production since the mid-1990s, the development of recent years, China's chemical production and export volume of the silicon rapid growth. , 2001 China's chemical exports to Japan in 1999 with the silicon, respectively reached 22,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 40,000 tons, in 2001 China's exports to Japan chemical silicon accounted for more than 40 percent of the Japanese Chemical silicon imports . Now China has begun adding chemical silicon production and supply the ranks of the country, enterprises continue to increase the production of chemical silicon. The chemistry of silicon is used in organic silicon and polysilicon production of industrial silicon. From a global perspective, metallurgical silicon consumption than the chemical consumption of silicon, but with the continuous development of science and technology, chemical silicon for organic silicon and semiconductor production is continuously expanding, widely used in the production of organic silicon monomer and polymer silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone building anti-corrosion, waterproofing agents, they have high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to radiation, water and other unique properties. Used in electrical, aerospace, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, defense, construction and other departments. As the electronic components of the integrated circuit core, more than 95% is made of semiconductor silicon, the semiconductor pillar of the modern information industry. "Information superhighway" in the large-scale application of fiber-optic cable fiber as raw materials to industrial silicon production. The United States and the EU chemical silicon consumption accounted for more than half of the total consumption of industrial silicon. Chemistry with silicon has been widely used as high-tech fields and an important basic industry, and its consumption is stabilized growth. In the international market under normal circumstances, per ton of chemical metallurgical silicon than silicon price of 300-400 dollars. So, whether to meet export and domestic demand, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises of industrial silicon, improve product quality, and vigorously develop the chemical silicon production are necessary.    

       Chemical grade industrial silicon is the raw material for the production of silicone, silicone-based products have a very good resistance to high temperature performance, in general can work long-term high temperature of 180 ℃. Silastic 250 ℃ also a long time, instantaneous ability to over 1000 degrees Celsius. Silicone materials good low temperature performance, and generally able to work under -55 ℃. Some Silastic -110 ℃ still flexible. Silicone materials have good electrical insulation properties, dielectric does not change with temperature changes, drastic changes; dielectric constant with frequency increases to increase the value; and arc resistance, corona resistant, resistant to leakage; resistance to ozone, radiation-resistant, weather , flame retardant, it is extremely versatile. Following several major categories of silicone products, respectively, a brief introduction to some of its main purposes: 1. Silane coupling agent is a low molecular weight compounds, one end connected to the silicon atom in the hydrolysis of chlorine or a variety of alkoxy hydrolysis connected to the inorganic; other end of the various functional groups and the organic phase role, such as amino, vinyl, thiol, etc., the silane coupling agent is able to organic and inorganic bridging up. Has nearly 100 kinds of commonly used silane coupling agent. Such as glass fiber reinforced glass fiber is necessary to use vinyl coupling agent treatment in order to improve the wet strength. The current popularity of "green" tire on the extensive use of sulfhydryl-containing silane coupling agent; vinyl alkoxy silane cross-linked polyethylene, and its operating temperature higher than ordinary polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, suitable for hot water supply pipe, cable sheathing.   

         Silicone oil is a low molecular weight polysiloxane containing a single or different organic groups can be made into a variety of different viscosity. Silicone oil of low surface tension, contact angle with water quality water-repellant material. Silicone oil of viscosity-temperature coefficient, low temperature without solidification, both high temperature low temperature aerospace the gyroscope oil, antifreeze and heat-resistant lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, instrument oil, base oil, as well as extremely low vapor pressure of high vacuum diffusion pump oil. Organic silicone oil or modified agents in cosmetics increased rapidly in recent years. Silicone oil paint is not greasy on the skin feeling smooth, comfortable, can be made of skin cream.     

         Silicone rubber according to the curing mechanism, silicone rubber can be divided into high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV); room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber (RTV) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR), with heat and cold resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance, atomic oxygen resistance, the characteristics of cosmic rays and waterproof, shockproof performance. LSR liquid silicone rubber (also known as silicone gel) is excellent potting and protective materials in semiconductor chips and electronic devices; light transmission rate of up to 91% of the silicone gel requires high temperature, resistant to moisture, does not yellow aircraft Hop windscreen in the middle of adhesive layer. LSR silicone rubber plastic mold for precision casting of engine components. Production in HTV and RTV silicone products account for a large share (usually accounts for 40% ~ 50%) the use of the HTV RTV wide. (1), RTV room temperature curing silicone rubber RTV polysiloxane hydroxyl terminated low molecular weight (107 gum), together with the catalysts, fillers, made of two-component or single component, easy to use and can be cured at room temperature silicone rubber, glass, ceramics, metal, concrete and other materials bonded been used in full-vision glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy doors and windows and other structural parts of the bonding and sealing, as well as the family bathroom, toilet, plugging and caulking. Small thermal conductivity of the insulating coating of RTV silicone rubber-based ablation resistance, convenient construction, insulation materials for rocket nozzle and return to the space vehicle from the ablation, but also the production of spacecraft parts materials.  

         The flexible mold of the RTV silicone rubber or a variety of artistic carved decorative building materials. (2) the HTV high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber HTV is a high molecular weight (400 000 800 000), polysiloxane, adding reinforcing fillers and other additives, curing, forming cross-linked into the rubber. High voltage power transmission of HTV silicone rubber composite insulators, porcelain insulators, not only weighs only 1/5 ~ 1/10, easy to use, and tolerance flash performance, safe operation in high voltage power transmission grid. HTV silicone rubber for conductive media such as carbon black used as a key pads, a large number of phone and computer keyboard; a large number of silicone rubber for the production of shaft seals, gaskets, oil seals, industrial rubber rollers, rubber shock absorption. insulation products, medical products. Flame retardant wire, silicone rubber insulated cables for ships, aircraft and other high reliability requirements of occasions. Silastic physical inertia, not coagulation, disinfection and simple, can be made that can be implanted in the body of silicone rubber parts and a variety of prolonged use of Silastic catheters, intubation, hydrocephalus drainage tube, peritoneal dialysis tubing, as well as the artificial heart-lung machine blood transfusion pump tube. In addition, the silicone rubber permeability of different gases through sex is different. The oxygen transmission rate in the synthetic polymer is the highest, to do the oxygen-rich membranes, gas separation membranes.    

         Made of silicone insulating materials due to the heat resistance and insulation properties belong to the class H, with its production of motor small size, light weight, high reliability, short-term overheating, do not burn in case of overload . Silicone preparation resistant to 500 ° C high temperature coatings; silicone modified acrylic resin coating weatherability and water-repellent, stain-resistant, advanced exterior paint. Silicon resin, silicon plastic can be used for aircraft engines with resistance to high voltage, high current, arc resistance of micro-switches. In short, the use of silicone materials is very extensive, and the results are quite remarkable.

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