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And molding RTV silicone rubber

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

An addition cure RTV silicone rubber   
      Two-component molding RTV silicone rubber elastic silicone gel and Silastic divided, the former low strength, the latter higher strength. The curing mechanism is based on silicone raw rubber end groups on the vinyl (or allyl) and the crosslinking agent molecules on silicon-hydrogen addition reaction (hydrosilylation reaction) to complete.    In the reaction with hydride functional polysiloxane as a crosslinking agent (curing agent), chloroplatinic acid or other soluble platinum compounds as a catalyst. The curing reaction the in stifled temperature. Do not release by-products. Release of low molecular weight compounds in the process of cross-linked, so add molding RTV silicone rubber does not produce contraction in the vulcanization process. This class of vulcanized rubber is non-toxic, high mechanical strength, excellent hydrolytic stability (even in the high-pressure steam), a good low compression set, low flammability, and depth curing, and curing rate with temperature control advantages, so it is a type of silicone rubber at home and abroad to develop.   
      Packaging of the addition of RTV silicone rubber is generally sub-M-N of the two components are packaged: the catalyst and containing vinyl functional group of organic silicon polymer as a component; the hydrogenous of polysiloxane cross linking agent for the other components. High strength and molding RTV silicone rubber due to the low linear shrinkage, curing, not release low molecular weight, is therefore an excellent material for molding. In the machinery industry has been widely used to mold casting epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane, polystyrene, vinyl, plastic, paraffin, low melting point alloy, coagulation fine. Simulation of the molding the stifled temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber, free from corrosion, molding process is simple, easy mold release characteristics, and applies to heritage copying and replication of the arts and crafts

 silicone gel   

      Addition cure RTV silicone rubber is a colorless or slightly yellow transparent oily liquid, transparent soft silicone gel after curing. Long-term elasticity of the gel in the temperature range of -65 ~ 200 ℃, it has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to weathering, water-repellent, moisture, shock, corrosion, and has physiologically inert, non-toxic, odorless, easy to perfusion, can deep curing, low linear shrinkage, easy operation, the silicone gel is widely used as the moisture of the electronic components in the electronics industry, smuggling, the insulation coating and potting material, dust, moisture, shock and insulating protective effect on the electronic components and assemblies. Such as the use of a transparent gel potting electronic components, shockproof waterproof protective effect not only can play, you can also see the components and component failure can be detected with a probe, to be replaced, the damage to the silicone gel can be re-potting repair. Silicone gel silicone gel can also be of high purity, easy to use, but also a certain degree of flexibility, is an ideal transistor and integrated circuit within the coating material can improve the pass rate and reliability of semiconductor devices; adhesive used for the flexibility of the optical instruments. Medical silicone gel can be used as explants in the human body organs such as artificial breast, and used to repair damaged organs.

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