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Not Easily Deformed Silicone

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24



    Not easily deformed is very well understood .we could understand not easily deformed like this: if you want to buy some fruit at the supermarket, you wouldn’t buy the fruit deformed by pressure when it transported. That is to say its original appearance or shape changed by the extrusion of the external. Now I’m introducing the Not easily deformed silicone.

Understanding of silicone friends know, there are a good variety of silicone ,its nature and application are countless. But any kind of silicone 、silicone rubber will be involved in the deformation. Deformation can be said is the shrinkage.

    The most representative to take molding silicone rubber, its mainly used to produce all kinds of silicone rubber mold .And it has the function of copying production. Since it is the product to copy it with the size of the product, its complex structure have a great relationship.

    Small pieces of the product should choose the smaller hardness of the silicone to make. Large products will not be able to choose the smaller hardness of the silicone to do. Since it is a large structure is complex , then to choose the moderate hardness of the silicone. So we need to select the appropriate silicone. Not easily deformed silicone is developed specifically for the shrinkage. It has good operating performance. Mobility, Low viscosity, Resistance to High-temperature, Resistance to Acid . Resitance to atmospheric aging. The most important point is very small shrinkage, it could reach a 2‰ made out of silicone mold can not be deformed.

    Addition does not distort the silicone to these excellent features also must be able to use of the silicone mold and maintenance .The silicone mold should have good maintenance when it not used that achieve the real not deformation not shrink. Specific maintenance operation in the next one I described in detail.

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