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Insulating silicone Date:2013-04-24



    Now you go to restaurants, hotels , coffee shops and many entertainment places, you can see a very nice shape silicone pad, silicone insulation pad , oven mitts and other household kitchen utensils .

    Insulating silicone is alkali-free ultra-fine glass wool , room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, fumed silica , iron oxide , hydroxyl silicone oil and other raw materials, preparation of a silicone rubber insulation pad . The silicone rubber insulation pad with low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation properties. Insulation made of insulating silicone silicone pad, insulated silicone gloves are to use this high quality silicone material produced. And through food-grade testing standards certification. Insulation made of insulating silicone silicone pad , insulating silicone gloves with a tasteless , non-toxic , anti- dust , durable, impermeable , easy to clean ; Also in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge safe use ;it is now a good eco-friendly materials : Low carbon environmental, Non-toxic and tasteless, soft , non-slip , shock-proof , impervious to water , heat insulation, aging is not easy , not easy to fade , durable ,.Effectively protect the furniture surface burns , scratches.

    The superior performance of the insulation of silica gel , manufactured products are widely used. A variety of products manufacturers according to customer demand for the production of various shapes and sizes.HongYe Silicone raw materials, manufacturers can also do the various uses of silicone raw materials, such as raw material to produce these products: Kitchen class, Silicone shovel, Silicone fresh lid, Silicone oil brush, Eggbeater, etc. Gifts. Such as: silicone wrist band , the ice lattice , key chains , all kinds of pads , watches , insoles , silicone sets, ashtrays, phone rope, mobile phone accessories , signs , crafts and so on . ‎Accessories: Silicone rubber sealing ring, Silicon rubber pads, Silicon rubber stopper, Waterproof ring, Rubber feet, A variety of silicone rubber sheath ect.

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