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Properties of fluorine rubber meets the new motor requirements

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24

fluorine rubber,silicone rubber       Fluorine rubber is a kind of unique physical properties, uses a wide range of synthetic rubber, is under extreme conditions used to seal, processing and control of fluids and gases are ideal materials. These excellent properties contribute to the design engineer to solve a series of problems.

      Fluorine rubber basically is the high fluorine content ( 50%-70% ) hydrocarbon polymers. Due to its high fluoride content, they are particularly resistant to fuel oil, oil and corrosive chemicals, and long-term in high temperature atmosphere exposure later, still retain its original physical properties.

     Fluorine rubber in maintaining its moldability at the same time, in the mechanical design and the process of combination, allows a greater degree of freedom in the process. They are in general the harsh environment of the durability and reliability in critical situations, will greatly reduce the automobile failure, repair and risk, in some cases, and can improve the vehicle performance and sales. Fluorine rubber though than the usual elastomer expensive some, but they can save on maintenance and repair costs, so that the high cost of getting more compensation.

Designers are in some applications, the use of fluorine rubber, mainly Chinese and its one or all of these performance indicators, performance indicators include: fluid resistance and chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, compression set resistance, fire resistance, weathering resistance, ozone resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

Next, let us understand the specific properties of fluoro rubber.

1. fluid resistance and chemical resistance.

 Fluorine rubber to oil, synthetic lubricants, petrol, jet propulsion fuel and a variety of other organic solvent, has the very strong resistance. In addition, through selective incorporation, fluorine rubber can heat resistant inorganic acid, steam, hot water and a variety of organic acids

2.High temperature resistance

  Fluorine rubber using a temperature range of -50° F-600° F, 450° F in temperature environment of continuous use, and for the occurrence of polymer molecular structure or mechanical properties of visible damage. In certain conditions of use and short time exposure circumstances, they even can be above 600 ° F at high temperature

3.resistance to compression set

  Properties of fluorine rubber, the most amazing is resistant to compression permanent deformation. In 400 ° F temperature after 70 hours later, fluorine rubber compression permanent deformation for 10-20%. To date, at 400 °F in the temperature range, fluorine rubber compression permanent deformation is lowest in all elastomers. Molding quality properties of fluorine rubber also has a similar improvement, they have not only high tear resistance, and resistance to compression permanent deformation

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