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Electrical Silicone

Writer:Hong Date:2013-04-24



    Now is the era of electronics, electrical appliances. With the pace of intelligent, Long used a variety of life things that are developed into intelligent. Various parts of the work should be done well that it could service for a variety of automation and intelligence.

    We called it electrical silicone that the silicone used in a variety of electrical appliances. This electrical silicone is mainly used for electrical sealing , welding , bonding, shock , insulation , etc. Electrical silicone more commonly used- That is the use of silicone rubber casing.

    Silicone rubber casing using high quality silicone rubber, made by the scientific formula and advanced processing technology. The product has a soft , high temperature stable performance . Electric silicone production of silicone rubber casing with a soft , high temperature, stable performance.

    Widely used in all kinds of household appliances, industrial appliances, lighting , electronic equipment insulation protection, Ideal for drinking fountains and coffee maker water pipes .Especially suitable for handling high temperature insulation, arc resistance processing, resistance to corona treatment. Electrical silicone widely used mainly because it has excellent performance parameters, its parameters: ①Continuous use temperature of -60℃ to 200℃. ②Soft , arc resistance, and corona. ③Products comply with EU RoHS instruct. ④All kinds of products according to customer requirements Silica gel and other electronic industrial adhesives, can be developed according to customer's special requirements .

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