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What's the Molding Process for Mold by Pouring Way? Date:2013-07-31

There are three methods for molding, which are pouring molding, brushing cast and wrapping molding. Pouring molding is also called perfusion molding, which is suitable for simple products with the smooth surface. Without any mold lines, which helps you save time and is easy for operation. Evenly and slowly perfuse the mixed silicone rubber into the square frame. After the cross linking reaction and the silicone rubber turns dry, you can take the products out. Thus, the mold has been done. But please note that you should use soft silicone rubber to make molds by perfusing usually, which is easy for demoulding and will not damage the product in the silicone molds. Next, I will tell you how to use pouring method to mold.


Operation guides for making a pouring mold

Step One: Prepare a perfect original model, manually polish and smooth the mold. Then use the soap water to clean the original model with a soft brush and dry it with an air gun.

Step Two: Cut the wooden board and vacuum tank at proper size. Cling the original mold to the vacuum tank with 502 glue, and then adhere it to the board.

Step Three: Prepare cardboards or wooden boards, and fix the cardboards or wooden boards by Melt gun 3mm away from the vacuum tank. Then, seal up the little gap between the boards by Melt.

Step Four: Prepare the right amount liquid silicon according to the size the of mold, and mix it evenly with the curing agent at the mixing ratio of 100 : 2 under room temperature 25.

Step Five: Pour 1/3 mixed silicon into the mold frame. Then take the mixed silicon to de-air. (The standard is subject to the manometer shows- 0.1). Then take out the remain de-aried silicon and pour it into the mold frame. Please notice that the thickness for silicon covering the original mold should be 5MM around.

Step Six: Remove the cardboards or wooden boards after the silicon is totally cured in about 4 hours, then demoulding.

Step Seven: Shave the fringe with razor blade. Having been shaved, the mold is completed, and the mold can be used after 8 hours, but it’s better for 24 hours.

Step Eight: Since the mold is required an external mold, we need to set up an external mold frame with wooden boards. Firstly, prepare the plaster, then pour it into the external mold frame. Pull down the boards when the plaster is drying (the drying time is about 8-10 minutes).

Step Nine: Shave the surface of the external mold to smooth with a scraper knife. After shaving, take the external mold off when the plaster is totally cured. In this way, a pouring mold is finished.



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