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Introduction of Condensation RTV-2 Silicone Rubber Date:2013-08-01

1.The characteristics of condensation RTV-2 silicone rubber:
A. The vulcanization rate of condensation bi-component silicone rubber depends on the type of catalyst, dosage, and environment temperature. The more catalyst were added or higher temperature were set, the faster vulcanization rate it will be.
B. Condensation RTV-2 silicone rubber can get cured generally in 24 hours under the condition of 25℃. When we need higher curing rate, we can adopt catalyst. On the condition of 150℃, it only take 1hour to get completely cured. Here the conception of “completely cured” differ from preliminarily cured, and it actually means the physical or chemical property reaching the state that the specification demands.
C. RTV-2 silicone rubber can get cured without heating, which operate easily and has a good applicability for operation. Practically, we suggest that adopt vulcanization for 2 times with the method of heating in order to get rid of the bad influence caused by the low molecular substances that released by the process of vulcanization.
D. The vulcanization process of RTV-2 silicon rubber is proceeding simultaneously inside and outside. Because it has a poor adhesive force to the base material, we could use tackifier if it is necessary.
E. RTV-2 silicon rubber can work for a long term with the temperature between -60~ +250℃, and possesses excellent electrical property, chemical property, water proof property, ozone proof property, climate aging proof property, heat resistance, burning resistance, ventilation property and so on.


condensation RTV-2 silicone rubber


2. The application of condesation RTV-2 silicone rubber
A. Coating and potting for all kinds of electrical elements. It has the function of moisture proof and shock proof, elevating property and stabilizing every parameter. It is specially suitable for serving as deep potting and sealing material and has quick vulcanization rate, which is an advantage over single component silicone rubber.
B. Because bi-component RTV-2 silicone rubber has a good anti-sticking property, additionally it shrink little in the process of vulcanization and has a excellent emulation, it is usually used for making soft mold which is commonly known as molding silicone rubber.

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