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High-temperature molding silicone rubber Date:2013-08-02

High-temperature molding silicone rubber was a kind of molding silicone rubber shaped through high temperature baking, it can still keep good property of softness and elasticity under the condition of -65°C 300°C for long-term use. What’s more, this kind of silicon rubber has eminent electrical property and chemical stability along with the merit of water proof, ozone proof, weather aging resistance, without corrosivity, physical inertia, odorlessness, non-toxic, low linear shrinkage, easy demouding, easy operation and so on.

High-temperature molding silicone rubber is a kind of bi-component addition-cure molding silicone rubber which could be cured both under the condition of room temperature and heated temperature. This type of HTV silicone rubber possess the merits of moderate viscosity and favorable fluidity, and it could be suitable for both perfusion cast and brushing cast. With addition of some specific component, this type of HTV silicone rubber could bear the high temperature up to 300℃ with good stability, low linear shrinkage and no reduction in the sealed and heated environment. Addtion-cure high-temperature transparent molding silicone rubber is bi-component with the mixing ratio by 10:1.

Main application of the high-temperature molding silicone rubber: cast for epoxy resin, polyester resin, polystyrene, vinyl plastics, paraffins, large parts of cement components, cultural stone, concrete, metal art crafts, alloy onboard instruments, food-grade silicone molding, and so on. It usually applies to the field of mobile phone shell making, telephone molding, mold manufacture and so on. And it possesses the characteristics of moderate viscosity, favorable fluidity.

The operation method of high-temperature molding silicone rubber:
a. Blend: component A(base silicone) mix with component B(curing agents) by the ratio of 10:1, which could be carried out by manual operation or using equipments.
b.Exhausting bubbles by using vacuum pumping machine.
c.Dealing with the surface of the original mold with release agents.
d.Vulcanization and demoulding.


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In Hongye, high-temperature molding silicone rubber includes:

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