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Application of RTV-2 Silicone Rubber Date:2013-08-02

Bi-component room temperature vulcanization silicon rubber(RTV-2 for short) isn’t so convenient as the single component room temperature vulcanization silicon rubber(RTV-1 for short), but it can be further vulcanized, so it is usually applying to the field of electronics, electrical equipment, automobile, machinery, architecture, textile, chemical engineering, light industry, printing and so on, serving as the material for insulation, package, caulking, sealing, moisture proof, shock proof and manufacture of roller. Additionally, because of the excellent demoulding property of RTV-2 silicon rubber, it is used for the duplication and manufacture of historical relics, art crafts, toys, electrical equipments, machine parts and so on. 

One of typical applications of organic sealant silicone is glass curtain wall. Stick the glass and aluminium alloy frame with the silicone structure adhesive, serving as outer wall material. expansion joint can be sealed with the weather proof silicone to be waterproof. Other applications include rim sealing for aluminum alloy doors and windows or plastic steel doors and windows, glass installing, sealing for rivets and screws, water-proof sealing for kitchen ,and so on. 

RTV-2 silicon rubber could not only be used for sealant,but also used as sealing materials for aerospace, nuclear power station, electronics, mechanics, automobiles and so on. Although the quantities demanded is not so much, it is essential on many occasions. Silicon rubber is outstanding among the kinds of synthetic rubber. Silicon rubber odorless and non-toxic, high temperature resistance till 300℃ and low temperature resistance till minus 90℃ without losing any strength and resilience. Silicone rubber possess good property of electrical insulation, oxygen aging resistance, light aging resistance, mould proof, chemical stability and so on. Owing to the excellent property of the RTV-2 silicone rubber, it obtain abroad and important application in the field of modern medicine. In the latest years, due to the collaboration of hospitals, R&D institutions and factories, many medical supplies are successfully developed.


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