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How to Choose a Suitable Molding Silicone Rubber? Date:2013-08-05

Organic silicon has been used in China for more than 20 years, and China is the most abundant mineral silicon countries. Silicone rubber has a wide range of applications, especially in the mold manufacturing industry. But in our production, how to choose a suitable molding silicone rubber?


At first, we should not just rely on models to choose molding silicone rubber. Now molding silicone rubber varies greatly in the market. There have been no mandatory national standards. Molding silicone rubber does not have the same type of standard so that every factory has its own number basically, even dealers will also make model. So when we are going to choose and buy the molding silicone rubber, we don't just look at the model, but should choose it according to their use, production requirements, etc.


We have to purchase the molding silicone rubber according to the range of products. In fact, molding silicone rubber is used widely now, different products should use different varieties of silicone rubber. Mould making silicon rubber is mainly suitable for industries such as toys, gifts, decoration, plate engrave, human replica, art crafts, resin crafts, poly resin crafts, unsaturated resin crafts, polyester resin, epoxy resin crafts, PU resin castinglighting & candle crafts, plastic crafts, stationeries, GRC, concrete, artificial stone products molding, wax casting, gypsum & plaster crafts, Christmas ornaments, sculptures, figures, decoration building mold making(cornice, column, balustrade, ceiling, pedestals, fountains, mantels, wall ornament, planter, furniture decorative etc) Buddhist statue crafts, superior manual mold design, food grade molding and general mold making and so on. Generally we will choose different silicone mould according to different size and materials of products.


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Take stopgap measures when we are sick. There is no medicine to cure all diseases. This sentence emphasizes the professional issues. So, we should uphold the principle of "special glue dedicated” and chooses more professional manufacturers. Because such manufacturer has a single and professional production line, also more detailed classification of products. Besides, they can ensure the professional after-sale services. While the general agent dealers usually unable to do all of these.


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