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How to Make Silicone Mould with Brushing Way? Date:2013-08-01

Brushing molding is a method of using silicon rubber to make molds. Typically soft mold making can be divided into two categories of perfusion molding and brush molding. Brushing molding is a method for molding by brushing liquid silicone rubber on the top of model and waiting for the curing molding production. Compared to pouring molding, brushing molding has the advantage of wide application; almost all of the mold can be accomplished with brush molding. While, the disadvantage is that the operation is relatively cumbersome and costly. Next, I will tell you how to make silicone mould with brushing way.


Operation guides for making a multiple-pieces mould

1.     Firstly please choose a perfect model. Manually polish and smooth the model, and get the necessary tools ready. Stick the model to the vacuum tank (the vacuum tank should be larger than or equal to the size of the model), then use the soap water to clean the mold and dry it with an air gun.

2.     Draw the molded line on the model. Please note that position the mold line on the top of the model when drawing, and run around the face and eyes of the animal model as much as possible.

3.     Put the fixed model on another flat wooden board, which should be perpendicular to the flat wooden board.

4.     Pile up the clay and roll out a slab of clay on the pallet board according to the parting mold-line. And smooth the surface of the clay with your moistened fingers.

5.     Make some tenons along the mold-line. Remove the surplus clay to form the approximate-shaped clay, the up and below of the original mold should be parallel.

6.     Use the soap water to clean the model with a soft brush, and then dry it with an air gun.

7.     Evenly mix the silicon and curing agent at the ratio of 100:2 under the room temperature of 25. Then put the model into the vacuum container for 3-5 minutes.

8.     Thinly and evenly brush the first layer of mixed silicon rubber on the model. About 20-30 minutes, brush the second layer of silicon rubber till the first one is cured. Normally the second layer should be 2-3 mm, it is a bit thicker than the first one. Then, cover a gauze or cloth on it when the second cross linking reaction goes on, and use a brush pen or a brush to avoid any interstices.

9.     Evenly brush the third and the forth layer of mixed silicon rubber on the gauze or cloth. You can repeat the process about 2-3 times. After the silicon rubber is cured, snip of the surplus cloth to make the mold beautifully.

10.  Make a square frame with four pieces of wooden boards, and pour the mixed liquid plaster into the frame. Then, Shave the plaster-made outer mold with a scraper when the plaster is going to cured.

11.  Turn over the mold and peel off the clay. Then clean the surface of the original model with soap water and dry it by an air gun.

12.  Till now, the first piece mould is completed. And the other is following the above procedure. Lastly, you need put the first and the second peeled off silicon mold together, the two silicon moulds form a complete set of moulds. The silicon rubber mould can be used in production after 24 hours.


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