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Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber Date:2013-08-05

The electronic potting silicone rubber is a kind of free flowing liquid before it is cured. Its viscosity depends on different material quality, property, manufacturing technique of the product. It can realize its use value until it gets completely cured, then it can play a role in water proofing, moisture proofing, dust proofing, insulation, heat conduction, tightness, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance and shock proofing.

How to classify the electronic potting silicone rubber?
Electronic potting silicone rubber has a various kinds, mainly including: heating-conducting potting silicone rubber, epoxy resin potting silicone rubber, organic silicone potting sealant, polyurethane potting silicone rubber and LED potting silicone rubber.


The characteristics of electronic potting silicone rubber:
Low viscosity, good leveling property, suitable for mold pressing for complicated electronic accessories.
Taking on soft silicone form with shock resistance.
Heat proofing, moisture proofing, cold proofing, able to elongate the life of electronic accessories after being used practically.
Being addition curing type, able to get cured at room temperature or at heated temperature.
Excellent moisture and water resistant effect.
 liquid potting silicone rubber

The application of electronic potting silicone rubber.
Mainly applying to high-power streetlight’s power source, power source module, HID lamp power module, potting protection for solar-power junction box, LED electronic display, LED electronic potting silicone rubber, potting and sealing for circuit board, adhesion for power line, LED or LCD high-power lamp, mobile phone, power source box, ultrathin computer, game machine, digital camera, airport runway, and so on.

Model HY-9301 is two-component addition cure silicone rubber. It could be divided into a transparent kind and a flame resistant kind. This product which can be vulcanized at room temperature or moderate temperature with low viscosity, easy pouring, is applicable to bulk pouring with good electrical performance.

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