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Transparent Trademark Silicone Rubber Date:2013-08-05

Transparent trademark silicone rubber is a kind of special silicone which can form a strong three-dimensional graphics on the surface of textile. It can be used for knitwear, cotton, lycra and elastic fabric made ​​of fibers from the cloth PU, can also be used in the automotive industry control device, heating and chandeliers. It is very suitable for complicated shape and high precision model, and so on industries.


It’s room temperature addition-cured liquid molding silicone rubber with low viscosity, which has all kinds of the advantages and features of addition cured silicone. Specifically, transparent trademark silicone rubbers possess the characteristics of moderate viscosity and high temperature fast curing, high transparency and good adhesion. Transparent trademark silicone rubber can be made into an elastic material that is transparent, heat-resistant, water resistant, good ventilation, etc. In addition, it also has the advantage of high transparency, light, strong stereo sense, high and low temperature resistance, waterproof and resistance to aging, no discoloration, etc.


Applications of transparent trademark silicone rubber:

It can be used for making labels separately, and also can be fabricated into trademarks thorough cloth pressing and leather pressing. Generally, it's applied to the trademarks of jeans, shoes, toys, ect.


Operation instructions of transparent trademark silicone rubber:

Step one: A component and B component are mixed by the ratio of 10:1. When the quantity is small and you can stir in the beaker with a glass rod; but if it is a big amount, you should use the appropriate mechanical mixer.

Step Two: Take the mixed silicone to de-air. When used in small amounts it can be in vacuum desiccators. The time for vacuum-pumping should be less than 3—5 minutes, otherwise, once the silicone rubber has cross-link reaction during vacuum pumping process, it will not be operated.

Step Three: Pouring the mixed silicone rubber into the mold frame slowly. It is through such high frequency molding way to make textiles formed into three-dimensional graphics surface heating specialty silicone.



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Description of our products:

HY-966 is a liquid addition silicone rubber; its addition amount of the curing agent is 10%. Vulcanizing agent consists of basic compounds, crosslinking agent, catalysts, fillers and additives; these materials do not contain heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbon solvent. So, it has no toxic effects on the human body. But please notice that this series of products can not touch with N, P, S and other organic matter and Hg, Bi, As and other ionic compounds and alkynes -containing vinyl compounds , in order to avoid poisoning the platinum catalyst and the trademark silicone rubber also can not be cured. Especially don't let the product come into the PVC. Because PVC contains lead can lead to catalyst poisoning. Certain organic pigments can lead to slower cure or not to cure. In addition, the mixture must be used within four hours, otherwise, it will slow crosslinking, which led to failure, if the ambient temperature is high, even should attract your attention.


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