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Shoe Mold Making RTV Silicone Rubber Date:2013-08-05

Are you a shoe manufacturing factory? If you are, you should be well aware of a very important part of the shoe mold. Soles can be made by a variety of material, but usually will have a sole mould first. Once you have a sole mould, you can copy many soles that the number of you need. Even if you do not make shoes, you should also buy insoles which are made of silicone rubber. When we bought insoles on taobao, we can often see these words such as "silica gel insoles" and " medical silica gel insoles "and so on. Due to silicone rubber has characteristics of softness and durability, the insoles made of silicone rubber materials can increase a foot contact area, reduced pressure shock and alleviate foot pain. Today, I will introduce to you what is the shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber, and what products and services our company can provide.


Shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber is generally named as two-part silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature. Part A is a folowable liquid, part B is the curing agent (tin catalyst).


So, what features the shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber have? Firstly, it has these characteristics of an exceptional fluidity, good operability and easy to remold. Secondly, it can be cured at room temperature within 3-4 hours. Then, shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber has good tensile and tear strength, low shrinkage. Besides, it has good resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid and alkali.


Shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber


Shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber is mainly used for shoe molds, sand casting, sole sampling, plaster models, simple products, products with non-complex patterns, as well as product models with stable size and non-deformation. Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd. offers two models of products, which are HY-218 and HY-238. Next, I will describe these product data.


Product Model






Hardness (shore A)



Mix Ratio (%)



Viscosity (mPa.s)



Tensile Strength (Mpa)



Tear-strength (kN/m)



Elongation (%)



Density (g/cm3)



Working Timemins



Curing Timehrs, 25



Notice: Different type of catalyst is available according to customer’s specific requirements.


HY-218 and HY-238 are particularly suitable for brushing mould making. Then, I will explain the use of shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber. It is the first step that cling the sole or the product you want to copy to the flat wooden board with glue, all round with wooden box, don't let mucilage leaking out. Secondly, take 100g of part A and add 2g of part B and mix the silicone rubber and curing agent evenly. Then, take the mixed silicone rubber to de-air, but please note the time for vacuum-pumping should be less than 3—5 minutes, otherwise, once the silicone rubber has cross-link reaction during vacuum pumping process, it will not be operated. Next, pouring the mixture into the mold frame slowly. The last step is to make a square frame with four pieces of wooden boards or rubber plates, and pour the mixed liquid plaster into the frame.


Storage and matters needing attention of shoe mold making RTV silicone rubber:

This product is environmentally friendly liquid silicone products, not easy combustion, also won't catch fire, according to non-dangerous goods storage and transportation. The shelf life of this product is one year. After expiry, it can be re-used if it is re-checked to be qualified.


Any more information about our company and product, please feel free to visit our website:, or send us email right now at! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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