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        • Product Name: Cement Mold Making Silicone Rubber
        • Product No.: HY-E625 silicone
        • Brand: Hong Ye Silicone
        • Product Usage: Molding silicone rubber
        • Commodity price: Discuss personally
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        Cement Mold Making Silicone Rubber
        Specifications of Cement mold making silicone rubber:
        1)outstanding release properties
        2)low shrinkage allowing easy mixing and work
        3)high elasticity
        Applications of cement mold making silicone rubber
        mould making Silicone rubber  good for:
        1. statues, prefabricated concrete, fountains and garden articles,
        2. rosettes, cornices,sanitary fixtures, decorative pottery,
        3.giftware, industrial equipment, decorative candles, gaskets, mechanical components
        4.also for soles footwear, archaeological findings or automotive prototypes mold making.
        Operation of cement mold making silicone rubber: 
        1. deal with original moulds
        2. brush on release agent
        3. correct weigh accoring to mixng ratio
        4. stir the two component evenly
        5. vacuum-pumping
        6. pouring or brushing
        Cement mold making silicone rubber Features:
        (1) RTV silicon rubber with SGS, REACH and RoHS approval
        (2) Curing agent arrange together as free charged
        (3) Outstanding release properties
        (4) With an exceptional fluidity and good operability.
        (5)Low viscosity allowing easy mixing and operating
        (6) High duplication times.
        (7) Sample orders are available
        (8) Special develop accordingly to your request.
        Storage and Precautions of cement mould making silicone rubber 
        Cement/resin/gypsum mould making Silicon RTV-2 , which is an environmentally-friendly liquid silicone product, is not easy

        to burn and can be stored and transported as non-hazardous goods. The shelf life of the product is about one year from the

        date of production. Inspection is required when exceeding the time limited. It can continue to be used in case of neither

        thickening nor deterioration.
        Packaging & Shipping
        Packed in clean 5kg/pail , 20kg/pail , 25kg/pail, 200kg/pail