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Sales success of the ten Dharma-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

Sales become an important means of commercial activities, with more and more people joined the ranks of sales, this knowledge has also become the focus of attention and hot spots, sales negotiation skills, but rely on language to facilitate the sale is a the commercial activities of the transaction, so the importance of the skill in sales is self-evident.
Now this day and age, there are countless salespeople busy month down, and always without any results, are forced to find new unit to work because they are too dumb? "No" inherently "stupid" and "smart" points, it is important they not find a sales shortcut method to communicate with customers, I engaged in the sale a few years, in this process have some experience with novice friends love the marketing industry to share.
First, the opening is better.
I think that good beginning is half the battle, the information obtained by the clients in the negotiation at the beginning of one minute is generally higher than the next 10 minutes, more profound, opening before you and the customer slightly chat to create a natural and open atmosphere, but do not chat too long, wasting the time of the visit, the opening to attract each other's attention an effective method is to let customers know they can get those benefits, the benefits of opening skills to enable you and customer dialogue to establish the direction and focus, enabling customers to know that have considered the interests and needs; the other side are ready, then do the exchange of information, to ensure effective use of your time and customer, so that customers and simultaneously
Second, ask questions.
In face-to-face sales, the salesman should be stirred in a natural way to the customer's desire to buy. In this way is to ask questions, ask questions, we can get the following conclusions: to identify the customer in mind what has gotten? ; To identify the customer's real motive; to find out what customers believe? ; By asking questions, you have control over and direct their attention, so that they enter the state you want. However, keep in mind when you ask questions to the customer, must be "Yes" "" some definite answer from the customer's mouth. This allows the customer to feel comfortable.
Third, from time to time to praise your customers.
Carnegie said | "One of the weaknesses of human nature is like others praise, everyone will feel that they can boast, the salesperson if they can seize the customer's use of psychological well, close to the customer, with praise to start selling it would be easy to obtain the goodwill of their customers, selling hope of success is greatly increased. Of course, praise the other is not kind words both hands casually praise on the two can work, if the method is inappropriate, it will play the opposite effect, so the salesman spotted the object in the use of praise and understand the situation, the election of the timing, the right to praise. At the same time, your praise should be sincere meaning, allow customers to feel your praise from the heart. Praise is the sales skills among the more important one, we learn and learn well, make good use of this technique, sure to make you more and more orders.
Fourth, to seize the hearts of customers and a given success or failure.
In fact, many salespeople have good eloquence, to impress the customer a good salesman but not many, the reason is that all the salesman said the same thing, so in order to succeed, they must be different, better eloquence, As a salesman, sales negotiation, if you can grasp each other psychological word victory "or a word of defeat". Called a word of victory, to say the words, when it comes to the other side of the heart, touched each other to achieve their own ends. The defeat of the so-called word, means that you did not say that the people's heart, people do not want to hear that the even white. Seize the hearts of customers for sales, is to convince customers of the weapon, is to grasp the initiative to ensure that only seize the hearts of customers, to make the customer step by step, patience, and to stimulate the customer's desire to buy, to produce to have this commodities, emotional, promote and guide the customer to take buying action.
Fifth, do not say negative things.
Positive and negative, or positive and negative discourse Another important aspect is to speak must be noted that under normal circumstances, no complain, dark, cold, who listened to will be frustrated. As in the misty rain weather is difficult to have a good mood, like the face of this topic is difficult to expect a positive customer response. Good salesman is usually cheerful and smiling often, people looked very comfortable. Their discourse for a long time also positive, energetic.
Sixth, for the sake of customers standing in each other's position to speak.
Throughout nowadays, the number of sales staff busy the day, but always the results are not, why? Because they could think about, just their own needs, not imagine customer and anger need to buy anything, if this need, they will take to the streets to buy. Conversely, if the salesperson can make their services is to help people solve the problem, in this case, it will of course go out and buy his stuff. Everyone needs to meet to understand the needs of others to be able to feel appreciated, it can be someone else's kindness and welcome.
Seventh, the expression is a silent language.
Expression is the external manifestation of an inner spirit, naturally showing, not pretended, anyone can not pretend to people touched by the expression you want to sell, there should be a sincere attitude, with the sincere attitude, you will have a natural and touching expression, can be infected by the customer.
In my opinion, when the line and speak the contents of the conflict of the non-verbal, nonverbal behavior than to speak more influential in other words, contact, posture, gestures and facial, than talking important, and decided the feel of the transmission of information. So, you must be in front of customers what they preach. Therefore, when you communicate with customers, want to quickly reached the pro-and relationships with each other, then, need to know about speaking and body language is an important factor in the establishment of affinity relationships.
Eighth, to avoid a dispute with the customer to do.
The sales people have heard of a mantra: "the customer is always right". Because the dispute, the customer will have unpleasant feeling, then he would never want to buy the products you described. The purpose of the sales staff is selling goods rather than to show off their knowledge or ability, so the salesman must courteous, and always to the customer consultant modesty, if you want to satisfactorily achieve the purpose of the sale of goods, and customers must first establish a good interpersonal relationship, do not  encountered customers say the wrong things do not immediately give a rebuttal, you know you were selling a product, and your face is likely to accept your product.
So, he is your God, think carefully about it, you have offended God, what good is it? Therefore, whether on any occasion must so that customers are respected everywhere in the whole process, and should not be criticized to destroy his image. If you must put forward a different point of view or to correct others, you as far as possible the proper, single-minded do not the person.
Ninth, to borrow someone else's mouth, said in their own words.
Strangers, strangers meet, how to let each other know you are his friend of a friend, relatives of relatives, apparently far-fetched, but the average person will not split a friend's face, and will not let you admitted by, especially to meet each other's initial was particularly important. However, for the information provided by third parties, not all were used as words, but also need to have a choice with their own spot observations, the flexible application of personal experience. Must also effectively clarify the relationship between this third party has been entrusted, it is very important, otherwise, maybe the effect is negative. By population in the words pass my confidant things, this is a sales shortcut.
Tenth and listen more talk less.
God created out of human, why a human mouth, two ears. As is so that when sales and listen more talk less. The salesperson should be dominated, "said one-third, then listen to the seventh of the word" principle. The sales staff should be aware of the talking, pay attention to listen to the customer how to say, listening to understand the customer, then, to say the customer wants to hear in order to speak. The purpose is to speak to understand each other's mind, so that the caller said, you will be able to seize each other's thoughts, your words are only an introduction, as long as the leads of each other's internal needs, you can be targeted to persuade the other side.
Correct understanding of the importance of sales skills in the sales and did not hesitate to persevere to the strengthening exercises, each one determined to make some achievements in the sales profession must seriously do, it can allow you to become a excellent salesman.

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