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Candle crafts silicone mold away from the deformation-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

Recently received customer complaints that our silicone, he used our company's silicone mold made soon deformation. We send a professional and technical personnel to solve the "problem", the results of the "problem" is their "problem".
"Deformation" is the field of mold headache, often difficult to avoid because of the limitations of materials and technology, but we can be a lot of details will be deformation controlled within the range of allowable error. The following is a summary of that deformation-related issues and candles crafts silicone mold.
For example: someone with a hardness coefficient of only a dozen to two dozen of the silicone to a one meter high large products that do a mold. He found that the mother mold to step down after the mold is too soft and deformed. Belongs to can be avoided, as this deformation problem is his choice of silicone materials, a problem.
This problem has two solutions:
First, switch to the hardness of the silicone to make molds. The hardness is too small, the physical characteristics of the mold itself is not sufficient to support mold to maintain the original shape, the mold will inevitably be deformed.
Second, foreign objects to enhance the physical strength of the mold. In brush mode, we can paste the layers of fiber cloth has been increased until the strength we need. In order to keep the mold deformation, we also need to cook outside the mold to mold. Method is a plaster cast or by brushing paste glass fiber reinforced plastic outer mold.
The above-mentioned technical reasons, generally slightly experienced instructors will understand, good prevention. In addition, mold making, save the obvious attention points will cause the mold deformation phenomenon. There are many manufacturers to meet deadlines, mold making to complete can not wait to put into production, not knowing that because the mold curing time will soon result in the mold of trace deformation. Generally speaking, we use the production of silicone molds need to put some time and then put into production, usually in about 24 hours.
Mold improper preservation will also affect the quality of the mold. The silicone mold is a soft mold, if we save time longer, because of physical reasons will affect the quality of the mold. Therefore, we suggest to save the mold when the mold into the mold with the save. If the decision is no longer used for a long time to perfusion plaster mold, which can maintain the shape of the mold.
Mold deformation sometimes we have no control, but we can mold deformation within the scope of the allowed. For example, we know in advance that the silicone mold shrinkage is 3%, we do the master mold shrinkage can consider including. The shrink will be able to perfect mold after our scheduled to achieve our expected standard.
Selecting appropriate materials, using the correct method for mold deformation away from us.

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