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What is the brush mode-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-22

What is the brush mode? Brush mold is a mold industry terminology, a good description, we first introduce mold making. Mold making through specific materials will need to copy the shape of things recorded to form a shell of different materials in terms of filling in the shell in a process to produce things with the appearance of the original product. Production mold material, the material can be divided into hard tooling and soft mold. Brush mold is mold a soft mold material, the method is suitable for a wide range of external conditions is relatively low. Here we have one of the soft mold material silicone mold process as an example to introduce the brush.
Generally speaking, brush mode is divided into a unilateral piece mold and multilateral piece mold, in fact, the two methods is not any different, just the brush mode process is divided into a few quick to distinguish. Be simply divided into two is called unilateral-chip mode, if divided into blocks called multilateral piece mold. Divided into how many pieces of brush mode is determined based on the appearance of the need to mold products, the appearance is that the more complex the greater the need is divided into several times. Of course, the high technical level of the operating personnel can also reduce the number of piece mold.
Mention the silicone mold, or need to repeat the process of molding products. This process is based on the specific circumstances of products to determine processing purpose is to smooth and perfect product appearance does not affect the quality of the system out of the mold. Of course, a reasonable choice release agent to improve the quality of molding one of the methods.
Brush mode also requires a fixed mold products. But compared to the perfusion mode is slightly more complicated. Brush mode is usually a product through several different parts of the mold, and then combine to form a whole mold to achieve the purpose of turning model to all parts of the mold, so a reasonable division of molding products site has become a very critical issue. In general, the fixed mold products will use some materials such as industrial plasticine and other materials will be temporarily mold the site to cover up exposed parts of the mold.
The same modulation in the fixed molding silicone rubber. Modulation process to a reasonable proportion of colloid and catalysts, and both mixed. Need in the case of a conditional vacuum processing, but the vacuum can not be too long.
Brush the mold with perfusion mode, the maximum difference is silicone contact with the molding process. We know that the perfusion mode just to modulation good silicone directly down to the top of the processed products, brush mold with a brush a layer of brush to the products above. General silicone rubber products will have a brush mode process guide, only need to do it on request. Need to be raised, brush mold when the mold to need physical strength need to brush the mold process of adding some fiber materials, but be careful must not use the glass fiber.
The scope of application of the brush mode is quite broad, basically any soft mold making can be used to brush the mold, of course, unnecessary to use the brush mode to complete only heighten the cost.

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