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How to make silicone prosthesis mould

Writer:adminSource: Date:2019-11-29

How to make silicone prosthesis mould

Many people have partial deformities due to various reasons. With the improvement of people's living standards, most people are increasingly seeking perfection. So I want to use silicone prosthesis to make up for the deformity of the limb.


Tools / raw materials

* scissors, brush, mixing knife, mixing rod, electronic scale

* Vaseline, a / b environmental friendly human silicone


Method / step 

Prepare tools, scissors and brushes for use. Brush is used to brush silica gel and release agent, scissors are used to repair the mold.

One point two

1. Use vaseline to treat the intact arm of the model, mainly to play a smooth role, facilitate the later demoulding treatment, and prepare for the application of silica gel. Pour the prepared mold silica gel on the arm, then brush it evenly on the arm with a brush, and wait for the silica gel to solidify slowly. Generally, the thickness is only 1-2mm, not too thick. Wait for the mold silica gel to solidify completely, blow with air gun to facilitate demoulding. After taking it off the model's arm, a complete prosthesis mold has been made.

2. Trim the mold with scissors, remove the redundant part, turn the mold over from the inside out, and then apply Vaseline evenly on the inside.

3. Fix the mold with a bracket to ensure that it does not deform as much as possible, and then pour the prepared skin color liquid silica gel into the fixed mold. Wait for it to cure completely. According to the fourth step of demoulding, when demoulding, be careful, careful and patient. A complete silicone prosthesis is ready, see if it is very real.


Matters needing attention

It needs to be made of addition molding silicone rubber

The operation shall be carried out in a clean and dust-free workshop environment / workshop,

Do not smoke or contact with heavy metals

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