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Secret story behind the tableware

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-01-16

In this era of “face value is justice”, people not only have requirements for their own appearance, but also have all the requirements for all the things they use in life, such as eating cakes, using tableware, and sticking them in the room. Wallpapers and more.

I has a friend who is particularly interested in tableware. Every time I visit the supermarket and see a good bowl, I can't help but watch it for a long time, and then I buy the favorite one. She said that with a good-looking bowl, even eating is more fragrant. Speaking of this, everyone will be curious, how are these beautiful patterns printed? Today, I will reveals the secret for everyone. This is actually printed with a pad printing head. Just like we usually stamp the document, the pad printing head captures the ink with the pattern and then prints the required items. On, dry it, you can get a beautiful bowl. In addition to being printed on tableware, the cups, toys, erasers, and even the fruits we usually see can be.

In fact, silicone rubber is widely used and can be used as a mold for masks, special effects, medical practice, etc. If you want to know more, you can contact Miss Taylor: +86 18938867522

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