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what's the usage of silicone rubber

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The rapid development, the changes of the times and the progress of human civilization all show the greatness of science and technology.

Qiongyu's rapid growth not only attracts the attention of the whole world, but also amazes the whole world! In praising the great meritorious Medal of the motherland, there are a group of lovely people who are contributing to the prosperity of this era. That is the researchers of all kinds of materials! Head into the laboratory, only to explore the needs of leading the times!

All kinds of materials come out of the world, making this era more colorful! As the product of silicon ore, organosilicon has been covered with an unfathomable veil for all walks of life!

When it comes to organosilicon, many people are confused. "Silicon is related to silicon. They only heard about Silicon Valley. They know that silicon is used in computers, or that the nipple in life is made of silicon. What is organosilicon? They really don't understand it." maybe most people outside the industry respond like this when they hear organosilicon.

It is true that organosilicon is not as well known as plastics, metals, petroleum and other materials, but it is widely used as other materials.

The chemical formula and technology of organosilicon are very strange to many people. Let's talk about organosilicon in our life today.


Military use

Organosilicon material is a typical semi-inorganic and semi-organic polymer material, which has unique high and low temperature resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance and weather aging resistance. Therefore, it is widely applied to the surface sealing and coating of resistors, radio electronic equipment, components and shells.



"It's just a small step for me, but it's a big step for the whole human race." With the success of the U.S. landing on the moon in 1969, this sentence is well known all over the world. American astronaut Armstrong left the first footprints on the surface of the moon. At that time, the material of the sole of his boots was silicone rubber!

Today, the application of silicone materials in aerospace is more extensive, instrument oil, damping oil, special hydraulic oil, high temperature resistant coating, etc. are inseparable from silicone materials.



In 1950, Dow Corning company applied organosilicon to cosmetic hand cream. Today, organosilicon has been successfully applied to perfume, wax, conditioner, lipstick, shaving cream, removing sweat, eye shadow, nail polish and sunscreen.


Textile printing and dyeing

Polydimethylsiloxane, as the earliest printing and dyeing auxiliaries, improves the washability of fabrics; hydroxypolysiloxane improves the wrinkle resistance of finished fabrics; polyether modified silicone improves the antistatic ability of fabrics; fluorine modified silicone softener has the effect of deepening the dyeing of fabrics!



When we eat barbecue, we are no stranger to the oil paper on the electric stove. Why is it OK to bake a piece of paper on the stove with such a high temperature? That is, the paper is coated with silicone resin, which is non stick, waterproof, oil resistant, and high heat resistance (230 ℃).

A layer of paper is placed on the plate of the bakery, which is also brushed with food grade silicone oil to effectively prevent adhesion.

Milk bottles, children's spoons, silica gel bowls, silica gel water bottles are also food grade silica gel. In addition, there are many aspects of the diet will use silicone materials, such as life's brown sugar block, cake lace edge, etc. can use food grade silicone molding.



Gel encapsulating material is a waterproof and insulating adhesive for automotive electronic devices. It protects the engine control module, ignition line and rectifier. Silicone additives can reduce the friction coefficient of PC/ABS parts for a long time and avoid noise in the cockpit.



Silicone sealant is widely used in construction. Silicone materials are used for caulking of exterior wall and oil injection of aluminum alloy doors and windows. At the same time, silicone materials are also used in waterproofing construction. Silicone emulsion is used as surface treatment agent for surface treatment of building materials such as bricks, tiles, natural stones, gypsum, cement, ceramics, and waterproofing for basement, swimming pool, water tower and tunnel. High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, extreme temperature resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics can ensure that the building has good sealing effect for more than ten years under the condition of wind and rain.


An electric appliance

Silicone can provide perfect sealing function, protect extremely sensitive electronic components and components from external pollution or movement. The application of organosilicon ensures the long-term stability and performance of many electronic products. All kinds of structural bonding, sealing and sealing of electronic components will be used. In addition, the silicone material is free of corrosion and spontaneous combustion, meeting the requirements of safety and purity in the production and manufacturing of electronic products.


Medical care

Organosilicon material has good biocompatibility, which also makes it widely used in medical field. At present, it is mainly used in medical devices, oral materials, artificial heart, artificial limb, stomach tube, decompression tube, capillary drainage tube, abdominal drainage tube and catheter, oral soft lining, impression materials, etc


It is no exaggeration to say that the application of organosilicon has its footprint only if there is this industry. In addition to the application fields in this paper, organosilicon materials are applied in exploration, oil treatment, sports, machinery, human body, film and television and other fields. It is precisely because of the wide use of organosilicon that organosilicon has become "industrial monosodium glutamate"!

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