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Advantages and disadvantages of liquid silicone ru...

The most intuitive display of organosilicon is the difference of state, including liquid organosilicon, granular organosilicon and solid organosilicon. Next, we focus on the advantages and disadvantages of liquid silicone: the main chain of liquid silicone rubber has the following characteristics because it contains the special structure of (Si-O) chain link: 1. It has good fluidity, fast vulcanization and fast molding speed. 2. Tasteless, non-toxic, physiological inert, safer and environmental protection, which can completely reach food level or even medical level or higher 3. The electrical insulation performance is excellent, and the change is relatively small when it is damped or exposed to water or when the temperature rises. After forming, the combustion will generate silica, which is still the insulator, so it can ensure that the electrical equipment can continue to work until maintenance. 4. Liquid silicone rubber products with very good heat resistance can still maintain the shape of rubber after aging in hot air at 170-250 degrees. The vitrification temperature of low phenyl silicone rubber is - 140 ℃ and its vulcanizate can also maintain elasticity at - 70 ℃ to 100 ℃. When silicone rubber is used for the heat-resistant coating on the inner wall of rocket nozzle, it can withstand thousands of high temperatures in an instant. 5. Because of its inertia, it can not be bonded firmly to many materials, and can play a role of isolation. 6. The air permeability is tens or even hundreds of times larger than that of ordinary silicone rubber, and the air permeability for different gases is quite different. 7. Oil resistance, heat aging resistance and combustion resistance 8. The silicone rubber can be stored for a long time, and its water absorption is less than 0.015%. It has no breeding effect on various algae and molds, so it will not get moldy. Next, take two common examples: Characteristics of liquid silicone used in mechanical production 1. Accurate measurement and even mixing; 2. The static pressure of the static mixer is selected for the double cylinder, which reduces the waste of manpower and materials. 3. High efficiency and low energy consumption of mold design and operation, reduce flash, not only save materials, but also reduce scrap / burr treatment, etc   The characteristics of liquid silicone used in cots; 1. Since the industrial development, rubber roller is an indispensable part in machinery, and also plays a great role in production 2. The characteristics of liquid silicon rubber roll are similar to that of solid silicon rubber roll, with aging factors such as ozone resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance and weather resistance, excellent insulation, good water resistance, no peculiar smell in natural state, no gas damage to human body, no reaction with solvent, oil resistance, acid alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. 3. Compared with the cots made of other materials, there is no seam on the whole roll surface of liquid silicon cots, so the product surface will not have scratches and defects; 4. Because liquid silica gel is liquid, it can be added with carborundum, which is more uniform, and can make the fog surface effect of the product better; 5. Because of the better air tightness, it can reduce the adsorption and friction of the product; 6. It can make the cot antistatic by adding the static agent, which is more advantageous for the application of film and electronic products. And so on. Through two simple examples, we can see that in the process of application of liquid silicone, it has its advantages according to the uniqueness of the industry, but also has its disadvantages, that is, the cost is relatively high, I believe that in the application, the advantages bring far more advantages than the price, and the liquid silicone of red leaf silicone can emerge in the industry and be applied in all walks of life Medium!

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