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Introduction of silicone roofing system-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Introduction of silicone roofing system

Introduction of silicone roofing system       Warm in winter and cool in summer, which is needed for residential conditions. But to achieve the warm cool, it must consume energy. According to statistics of the United States, there are about 85% annual civil electricity is used in heating and cooling, heating and cooling energy consumption in the national energy consumption fourth.
Since the emergence of the world energy crisis, caused the building insulation value. Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries for the insulation of the promotion of industrial production and the building, to take loans, grants and tax policy on the holding fee, but also formulate relevant laws, specific provisions must be performed in the building insulation standards. Such as Britain in 1974 prescribed wall heat transfer coefficient and the roof must not exceed 861 Ka / m ² • h • C.

       Therefore, the building of taking comprehensive thermal insulation measures: on the wall, greatly increasing the thickness of insulation layer, on the windows, take the double glazing seals encryption measures, on the roof, the newly developed silicone polyurethane foam in situ spraying roof system for roofing materials to replace the usual.

Silicone polyurethane foam is a new type of roofing material, it is characterized by:

1 adiabatic performance, coefficient of thermal conductivity of insulation materials are all in a minimum.

The 2 light weight, per square foot weighs less than 1 pounds, light 20 times more than the combined roof material of the same thickness.

3 good weather resistance, is not affected by the changes to sunshine, ozone and extreme temperatures, good thermal stability, can maintain good flexibility in the temperature range of -51 to 205 ℃.

4 good air permeability, water vapor is not aggregated on the roof, which can protect the substrate against erosion.

5.The construction is convenient, the whole roof construction methods, the overall casting without no seams, waterproof effect is excellent, water problems will not have a roof.

The construction method of silicone polyurethane roofing systems: two-component liquid polyether polyurethane with pump from the barrel type, the proportional pump, spray gun, two-component polyurethane raw materials uniformly mixed is very fine mist, on-site spraying in roof plate, 7 to 8 seconds (depending on the seasonal temperature varies) that occurs the chemical reaction, volume rapid growth of 30 times, the results of a hard layer of closed-cell polyurethane foam structure formed on a roof panel. The thickness of the foam molding control in 12 mm, such as the need for thickening to multilayer construction, total thickness to 25 mm margin, each time interval of 2 hours of construction.

Then the first layer of silicone spray coating in polyurethane foam ceiling, after curing, and then spray on the total thickness of the second layer of silicone coating, different colors of the two layer coating of 20-22 mil. Before the last in the second layer of silicone coating is not cured and sand particles, used in fire, hail prevention and resistance to pollution.

Roof plate to make precast and pouring concrete, metal plate, plywood, also can make the existing roof.
Silicone spray paint to is the impact of polyurethane foam is not affected by water and ultraviolet radiation, to avoid the degradation of polyurethane foam. In addition also has corrosion resistance, fire (rooftop fire after construction can achieve fire for 15 minutes, the fire spread rate of no more than 4 feet / minute standard in Europe and America and the artistic effect.

Silicone polyurethane roof system as the heat insulation performance is good, thereby greatly reducing the heating and air conditioning costs, housing, according to reports, the energy can be saved each year 30% to 50%.

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