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Silicone rubber brake oil-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone rubber brake oil

Silicone rubber brake oil     Silicone used to create conditions to improve the car's performance and reliability. The United States has designed a new kind of car, walked about 200000 miles, all of the silicone rubber parts are not changed. According to reports, each car to consume 2.5 pounds of silicone rubber, its uses include: seal, formed-in-place gasket, radiator hose, ignition cable, spark plug cap and a variety of molded parts such as "O" ring, film box and cover. In addition, also change with the silicone oil brake.

     Brake oil is the traditional hydraulic transmission oil using ethylene glycol as the foundation, ethylene glycol brake oil greatest weakness is easy to absorb water, thus reducing its boiling point, when the fast brake, the brake temperature will lead to a mixture of water and ethylene glycol liquid boiling, produce gas plug phenomenon, and caused the attenuation brake fluid reservoir the amount of. In addition, after absorbing water and glycol brake fluid can produce a corrosive effect on the paint surface.

    The silicone oil is chemically inert, excellent hydrophobicity and high temperature resistant performance, so it can be successfully overcome glycol-based brake corrosion, gas plug and storage volume produced by the fluid attenuation problem. Silicone brake fluid has the following advantages:

1 save repair cost of long-term, the silicone oil is not water, to prevent water accumulation or the oxidant is not caused by dissolution and corrosion of metal parts, non - conductive silicone oil does not cause electrolytic corrosion. Therefore, the hydraulic brake system does not need to overhaul and replacement parts. In addition, due to the inherent stability of silicone oil and need not often update.

2.The brake system operation safety, promptly at 288 ℃ (550 ° F) high temperature or -40 ℃ (-40 ° F) harsh climate cold, can still be safe operation.

3.The brake system life. Silicone oil in addition to prevent hydraulic brake system components are not subject to corrosion, can run Huan, the rubber to metal and metal plastic parts not to wear.

4 safe operation. Silicone brake fluid is substantially non-toxic, does not need special precautions. Will not reduce the physical properties due to water absorption and long-term storage.

5 compatibility is good, if the polyol ordinary brake fluid is added into the silicone oil, brake fluid, will not affect the other performance. This point in the event of an emergency, can put the two kinds of liquid interaction, but the best or the brake system is filled with 100% silicone oil.

6.Fine surface will not get trough and stained car. Silicone oil and polyhydric alcohols of different automobile brake oil, surface damage it does not, the splash or leakage accidents in case in the driving process, can be an easy job to clean the.

7 design flexibility. Silicone brake fluid has good adaptability for all alloy, rubber and plastic materials to the design of the brake system; gives great flexibility.

      For example, the silicone oil ( excellent dielectric properties, so the design of brake fluid, brake failure alarm system and liquid level indicator can be simplified by placing a through the main hydraulic cylinder voltage meter.
The United States Army after the humid Panama, hot desert pressure sauna and cold Alaska for two years on the vehicle experiment, proved that silicone brake fluid corrosion, freezing, elastic body parts and the hose on the brake system does not work, improve vehicle use of the region, so that the vehicle is often in the standby state, not because of the need of the vehicle from one region to another region and change the brake oil, thus greatly improve the mobility of vehicles. At present, the United States military vehicles have all been used silicone substituted ethylene glycol brake fluid.

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